TESS IS GOING TO NEED MORE APM! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Don’t worry. Boomers always win out anyway.
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35 thoughts on “TESS IS GOING TO NEED MORE APM! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Thanks to you kripp I just reached 8700 MMR I couldn’t have done it without you<3

  2. If it breathes it can murloc… or as tidehunter would say "Mglrmglmglmgl Mrgle N Mrgllll glrrm gl!"

  3. Got my first perfect no lose game at 5.6k mmr using Flurgl last night. I could not stop laughing at the absurdity of it.

    Thanks Krip, these videos have been a great insight into BG's.

  4. So Tess is like those people in highschool that copy off of your work and always get a better grade than you.

  5. Considering Kripp plays and posts videos of murlocs 95% of the time, you'd think he'd make faster decisions (and no not everything is his bum elbow or slow animations), other players/streamers like Dog deal with them just fine.

  6. spoilers!

    After being stolen from Maiev twice, and given an early divine shield with poisonous, Kripp and my ol’ pal Brann allowed me to carry us to first place, baby!

  7. No, really, I'm starting to want murlocs nerfed just so I could get slightly varied Kripp content at this point. Maybe once the expansion drops we'll at least get a few standard videos…

  8. I’m sure Kripp will acknowledge the round when he tied with only 7%…oh wait. Never mind. However if he lost with a 70% chance to win we’ll hear about it the rest of the game

  9. That is what I mean when I say kripp is not the best at murlocs. His knowledge is good, but dog or bebe for example would outplay him every time.

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