TGT Pack (Hearthstone) - Polymer Clay TUTORIAL (Fimo)

Hey guys!! Welcome to an other Hearthstone-TGT tutorial! In this video I’m going to show you how to make a pack from the grand tournement 🙂

**First of all, for this tutorial you need the TGT-Shield:

**TGT-PACK PLAN **print it out A4**:
— LINK plan tgt-pack *JPEG* :
— LINK plan tgt-pack *PDF* :

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-fimo soft Nr.0 — white
-fimo soft Nr.7 — caramel
-fimo soft Nr.9 — black
-fimo soft Nr.63 — plum
-fimo soft Nr.70 — sahara
-semi gloss varnish
-fimo liquid
-brush and black chalk pastel

Tools :
-clay machine
-dotting tools
-blade and x-acto knife
-clay shaper


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— Hearthstone Soundtrack — Maintitle
— Hearthstone Soundtrack — Awash in Ale, but Nary a Mug
— Hearthstone the Grand Tournament Store Theme Music




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9 thoughts on “TGT Pack (Hearthstone) — Polymer Clay TUTORIAL (Fimo)

  1. Awesome! Would you like to craft any of the Hearthstone cardbacks? I made some by myself, they are really fun and treacky to make)

  2. está perfecto!! tenía que hacer un regalo sobre hearthstone y me has dado la solución! pero no me saldrá tan bonito :3

  3. Looks so good! Will you ever make a card out of Fimo? I wonder what you would use for the health blood drop and the mana crystal.

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