That's The BEST SECRET Combination EVER! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1510

That’s The BEST SECRET Combination EVER! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1510

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ES_Hey Ho — Anders Goransson
ES_Pick Up Your Banjo — Stationary Sign
ES_La Festa in Cucina — Medite
ES_Old Time Elevator 3 (60s Pop Version) — Hakan Eriksson
ES_Light Me Up — Another Notion
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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37 thoughts on “That's The BEST SECRET Combination EVER! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1510

  1. Brawl idea. Create a deck with 60 cards, half of them are removed at random, or create a deck with 60 cards and both players start with 100 health, but Reno Jackson and Nozari would be banned because that would be too much heal.

  2. random deck consisting of random cards from any class and all the legendaries are either nat pagle and cho

  3. Dear mr editor, go take a break for your own health man, we need you alive to keep us entertained on quarantine 😀

  4. 5:30 That was one of the worst plays I have ever seen on this channel. At no point does it seem as though he understood how any part of this game works. He didn't know what his minions do, didn't break the divine shield, didn't realise that his small minions would die either way, didn't attack with them… just terrible all around.

  5. How cool would It be if there was a tavern where you could use all the collection, even cards you don't have!

  6. How about a brawl where you have a Bunch of extremly broken stuff? Like the Deck you can get from Bob If you have VIP Mixed with some treasures.

  7. I know dog,
    Guy: I ate the last hot dog
    Dog: I can't believe it! 5 years with this human and now no more hot dogs!

  8. Here's a crazy idea for a tavern brawl: 10 second turn timers, but with all secrets banned.

  9. I would make a tavern brawl featuring unnerfed versions of all the most busted cards in hearthstone history so I could play otk warsong commander warrior and old star-aligner Druid again

  10. Translation of dog takling with dog:

    le humam dog: Stop peeing on the carpet dog!

    le dog: And you stop pooping into my dog lair, human!

  11. What would be interesting is them doing some sort of Rich man only brawl where your deck is 35 golden legendaries

  12. A brawl but whenever you attack it always hit someone else, so you have to attack someone else in order to get to your guy

  13. Well, what about a clash between League of EVIL and League of Explorers. You take part as a normal player and random things like plagues, schemes, twinspells (you know, specific weapons of both leagues) are happening in certain turns to help you (or your opponent) succeed. It is like the final battle with all heroes.

  14. A tavern brawl where the goal is to kill yourself as fast as possible, using things like treachery, hydra etc.

  15. Pfft that last clip was nothing compared to regis getting golden cho at the last pack.

  16. I think a battlegrounds Tavern where you pick two heroes and have both hero powers for the entire run. That sounds fun!

  17. How about "Nozdormu's Teachings. Each player's turn lasts 15 seconds" or "Mayor Noggenfogger's Election. All targets are random"? These effects are cool, but the cards don't see any play except when one evolves a minion into it. Let's give some love to memes.

  18. I'd like to see a Tavernbrawl where you can only play with commons and rares, similar to Pauper in MTG.

  19. Speaking of secret combinations, what would be your favourite combination of two secrets in the game.

  20. Tavern brawl has to be this:
    Both players start with 3 Mana and a random deck, and each turn have a discover choice, gain 1 Mana crystal, draw a card or discard a random card from opponent's hand.

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