The 2 Cards You DON'T Want To See | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1493

The 2 Cards You DON’T Want To See | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1493

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ES_Walking the Cat — Alexandra Woodward
ES_It Happens in Malibu — Elliot Holmes
ES_King of Hearts — The Tap Room
ES_Cocoa Beach — Rockin’ For Decades
ES_Chef Extraordinaire — Trabant 33
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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38 thoughts on “The 2 Cards You DON'T Want To See | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1493

  1. it's my favorite hero, it was super strong before but res priest is just bs, the galakerond and highlander are super fun to play now

  2. I love Thief and Galakrond Priest, hate Rez since it's only one thing? Fingers crossed that all Rez support cards will be weeded out in the Year of the Phoenix.

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  4. FCK PRIEST as a paladin main it a hard not to have a silence mechanic and only to rely on wild pyromancer and minion buffs board clear only for them to have another fcking board to fill with

  5. Priest and Mage have helped me join the Darkseid of Hunter rush. Tired of 30 min matches where all they do is full clear / stall until they hit 777 on the casino jackpot

  6. My longest word : konstantynopolitanczykowianeczkowna.
    Its how u call a lady in konstantynopol

  7. Most frustrating to play against, the only hero I never salute at the start of the match. I love my warlock zoo, it's a priests exterminator

  8. I still hate priest. I know when I que into a game, if we get to turn 10 then it's a guaranteed loss, where I just won't be able to do anything against him

  9. I really like the current state of priest. There are a lot of viable arctypes you can play. But my fav is HighlanderThiefPriest. Almost every game feels winable and every game feels fresh and diffrent.

  10. Priest is arguably the most annoying class to play against. If a class has:
    1. Big minions
    2. Ways to bring back big minions
    3. Good removal of anything
    4. Good healing
    Then the class is just busted

  11. The fact that so many people absolutely hate playing against priest shows me that they're in the perfect place right now.

  12. Been running priest in my deck rotations since day one. My favorite is a wild deck, Deck Swappery. Mill your own deck, King Togwaggle to swap decks and when they play the ransom card, Murozond the Infinite to replay the ransom.

  13. Priest was the most toxic class ever with the resurrect mechanic but the direction it's actually going is way better

  14. Your choice:
    1) Tři sta třicet tři stříbrných stříkaček přestříklo přes tři sta třicet tři stříbrných střech
    2) Strč prst skrz krk
    3) Nejvyrukavičkovávanější
    good luck

  15. Here is a simple finnish word for you:


    That is all.

  16. Can't wait to see Mr narrator try pronounce Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Its a real word, in Welsh.

  17. Blizzard: Lets create a card that kills a random enemy minion. Then lets create a card that gives that minion reborn and it kills two more minions. Than it gets ressurected two more times with mass res and then Katrina Muerte spawns it three more times. Then lets make Zephrys dont give you mass dispell when your enemy has this kind of board. Best game ever.

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