THE 200IQ ZAPP COUNTER - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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39 thoughts on “THE 200IQ ZAPP COUNTER — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Couldn’t he have also just played the second baron instead of the 1/1 divine? I feel like it would have the same result. First baron dies but second one lives at 1 hp

  2. I love hearing kripp talk out of his ass and make little to no sense about a wide variety of topics his subchat are PhD experts in. It's why I watch his YouTube and stream. I have never played hearthstone, but I've never missed a stream.

  3. I would've taunted the Hydra, I think the .1% chance of losing comes from the small chance he kills the wolf before your minions are big enough. +32/+32 is guaranteed with Hydra taunted, Baron doesn't matter after that and Baron has a 50/50 chance of getting hit regardless of who you taunt.

  4. lol the new consoles has the same hardware equal to my 2 year old gaming pc.. thats why they can sell them so cheap.. they choose to lose money on consoles and get it back on loot boxes in their games

  5. 6:53 The PS5 actually has a proprietary SSD controller that improves performance by a lot with the new tech shown off on the UE5 reveal demo; however, a modern laptop with a normal NVMe SSD still outperformed that.

  6. Hey kripp, why don't you put your beautiful face on the right, so we can see all the players? There's a lot of empty space on the right.

  7. Finally! I've been waiting for it since the day I realized baron is a thing and zapps attack is made 7 specifically to counter baron. For most heroes that can't buff any arbitrary minion, argus was the only option to increase baron attack. Seemed to be a matter of time for it to happen, yet months and months have passed without baron being buffed by argus to save him from zapp. And then in a few moments right before Kripp said "I think I'm gonna do some dumb shit here" I knew, I KNEW its happening!

  8. The console talk is really interesting.
    I can get and understand to some point why consoles exists. Like handheld consoles. That's a good idea for when on the go.
    Other than that consoles are a pretty outdated concept. Early consoles were a fantastic way to play games because home computers had not really come that far yet.
    But the further home computers got, the less relevant TV consoles got. And today consoles costs more than they should for what you actually get. And also there are fairly cheap computers now days that handle most games. And with a computer you also have access to more games. Computers are just a better platform in most ways. If you have the money for a computer you only waste money buying a TV console. And honestly, most people would be able to buy a decent PC insted of console. $900 for a console. That's like the cost for the most basic gaming PC.
    Consoles are one of those irrelevant outdated things that for some dumb reason still stick around. Except for handheld consoles. But that will soon get outdated too. Phones gets pushed more and more towards gaming.

  9. in the ps5 there is proprietary SSD that is very much unique then the rest of the market and allows for much greater graphic details in games just on the virtue of being faster to load the assets into the game, watch Linus tech tips about it.

    also the systems even tho its the same parts as the markets, the games are designed to be optimized around them, so that means that you get better graphics and performance on the hardware on the console then on the same exact ones in a regular pc, because the games that are played on the ps5 are exactly optimized to work perfectly with the specific hardware of the ps5 or Xbox or whatever, its the same reason why apple systems are better run on exact or lower-spec hardware machines, apple carefully optimize each of their computers around the hardware.

  10. Yesterday I was playing against someone with a triple + extra Zapp with a triple canon squished in-between, fighting for 1st place. This dude attacked 4x before I could even do one thing, doing 10×4 + 2x2x4 =56 damage with a 10 attack guy.
    I should've just taken the Maexna the round before -_-

  11. Major neckbeard energy from Kripp during the pc talk. I have no idea what he was talking about.

  12. I personnally got a ~40/40 hydra with 2 Mama bear in mid game, and I used the windfury pirate for counter the opponent taunt (annoyotron).
    That let me has a chance (~15%) to win instead of 0% and I got it by playing first, and sniping the second and third Parrot.
    Was so good

  13. Hey I want to create a debate how about Spells buffing in battleground like the +1+2 with eco of paladin or the legendary spells of shaman which evolve every minion into legendaries ones

  14. Lol, "consoles use same parts as PC". Ah Kripp, you should get more informed. Also, play a console from time to time, so you can play actually good games for change. Uncharted 4 looks better today then many AAA games on PC

  15. Macaw is freaking broken…. Despite the mechanic of the cars being new and fresh. I think they should rework the card in something that isn't a beast so wolf won't buff it to hell.

  16. i feel like they're gonna nerf how parrot interracts with baron because of this build and that's gonna suck for all the other super cool parrot builds. i think it'd be much more balanced if it just wasnt a beast; parrotman, the pirate perhaps?

  17. I really don’t get the PC vs. Console discussion. Sure, a PC is sometimes better than a current-generation console, but let’s be honest: most of your PCs out there do not have a RTX or even GTX 10xx inside them, so why use that as an argument? Just play on/buy whatever platform you like, by being a PC elitist you’re simply denying yourself great games (Horizon, GoW, Mario Odyssey, Zelda, Bloodborne, Persona, Uncharted, etc etc). The only thing that really deserves hate is mobile “gaming”

  18. wtf is it just me or did kripp attack first EVERYGAME?? so incredibly lucky and significant in a parrot build.

  19. They basically need to nerf parrot to remove the minion type and make sure it dies if it drops to zero health (rather than dropping to zero or below then buffing to positive health and surviving.)

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