The Best Decks Post Patch to GET LEGEND  - Ashes of Outland - Hearthstone

Top 5 Best Decks Post Patch — Galakrond Priest, Tempo Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Dragon Hunter, Egg Warrior, Highlander Hunter, Bomb Warrior, Murloc Paladin


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Video on it Tomorrow!
Tempo Demon Hunter:

Quest Warlock:


Hunter — video is of a different build, new video coming soon!

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25 thoughts on “The Best Decks Post Patch to GET LEGEND — Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone

  1. Do you think that disenchant the DH legendary cards to craft a better deck like quest warlock or warrior a good idea or not ?

  2. I've been using Quest OTK Hunter because I'm matching against a hefty number of murloc pally and totem shaman, a lot of cheap removal through rush/weapons has been working wonders for me

  3. Did u think about making 2 lists of top decks because I feel like there's quite a difference between top decks in lower ranks and top decks in high legend.i personally dislike murloc paladin I think it's a stupid highroll deck that relies on a few cards otherwise it's garbage and I dont think in high legend it's a top deck at all I think players of that skill level tend to play more consistent decks even if it's aggro so I would think totem shaman would be more popular and successful after the nerfs.if I'm wrong please correct me sir and have a fantastic day!

  4. Dude what about the gslakrond shaman that you played in a recent video? It’s a great deck with somehow good stability in the meta

  5. I still dont understand murloc paladin, lost 8 games in a row last night, mostly to spell druid. Didnt face a highlander hunter at all though.

    Dragon hunter has been the only reliable one, discard warlock in wild for my wild bros

  6. Rarran, please stop posting so many videos with the same content.
    There is a bunch of videos showcasing the same decks, the same subject and some clickbait title.
    You should just post some gameplays with something cool or try to work on your own decks.

  7. thanks for this vid! how come chaos strike isn't included in tempo DH? is it cause of altruis?

  8. What do you think of replacing tracking in Highlander Hunter, I just can't get over hating discarding two cards >.<

  9. Pro Murloc tip, don’t play dormant Murloc unless you have board buffs against priest, don’t play it on turn one, don’t be afraid of waiting and setting up the plays

  10. It’s interesting that you say demon hunter has by far the best early game (I agree it is best) because the only card it has that’s not available to other classes is the battlefiend and I guess umberwing. Just those 2 cards (mostly battlefiend) make it an insane early game? I think maybe that’s a stretch. It’s good, don’t get me wrong.

  11. Rarran — Heads up, the Higherlander Hunter you have an image for and the one in the description are two different variants… one with nagrand slam and the other without… Keep rocking that content, and hope to see you top 50 legend soon. (hard to do with just making content) QUESTION and TOPIC (Lets say you ARE going for top 50 Legend, which deck are you grinding with? Looks like highlander)

  12. What can I use in HL hunter if I don’t have frizz kindleroost?

  13. Warlock code is same as pally. Good breakdown of meta though. Thanks R.

  14. Murgar is too slow ? Are you crazy ?
    It has to be a dead draw 1/100 game dude, and when you play it almost instant win

  15. What the hell do I do against Murdoch paladin ive been stuck around d1 d2 the whole day cause every time I’m a win away from legend I get a paladin match up (I play HL hunter)

  16. YAY!! Highlandy hunty!! Im playing a non-nagrand slam version right now to get to legend! Doing well! Gonna make this one too tho! Yayayayyaya!!!
    Ooohhh, this has frizz?! Nice! HL hunty has alot o dragoons so it does actually make sense! Woot! Imma play this version!
    Face hunter seems pretty darn good right now as well as normal dragon hunter too! Yeay!

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