THE BEST DRUID DECK?! Overgrowth is INSANE! - Ashes of Outland - Hearthstone

HUGE Ramp Druid is so sick! This deck went 6-0 for me and I saw a lot of other people being very successful with similar builds!

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THE BEST DRUID DECK?! Overgrowth is INSANE! — Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone



34 thoughts on “THE BEST DRUID DECK?! Overgrowth is INSANE! — Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone

  1. Deck looks fun when somebody else plays it, but I literally just hero powered 6 turns in a row because I had nothing playable.

  2. Hopefully this version become popular. I've been seeing a lot of druids with this deck but instead of drakonid they ran guardian which is a pain in the ass as a dh.

  3. I want to craft a stealth/secret rogue or a spell mage or a deathrattle hunter but I don't think they'll be competitive 🙁

  4. been trying a different version of this, with more early game and without frizz, and by early game i mean injured tol'vir and overconfident orc,i didn't find iron bark to be useful, considering most of your minions have taunt anyways, also exotic beastmaster ? out of all big minions you choose that?that cards pool is awful, winged guardian is probally better, we need as much taunt as we can get, also frizz doesn't feel good in this deck, there are much better early games options and the deck doesn't run enough dragons to were her discount is relevant.

  5. I have a libram paladin deck I think you might like it’s more of a meme deck until I learn how to deal with DH

  6. I realy like this List!

    I just swapped one innervate With archspore msshi'fin because i like his prime for big druid 🙂 and innervate did not seem to be needed:)

  7. I saw someone say "I dont play that class" in chat.. Just a side note, i dont think its worth it anymore to disenchant certain classes, for extra dust because you decided not to play it, ive actually stopped dusting classes i dont play and using the way the new pack system works. this is the first druid deck ive been able to complete in like 2 years cause of the new system ha. kinda cool. I didnt have to make any cards either. feels good, fun deck. Keep coming up with fun deck ideas, this is also my favorite part of h.s being able to mess with new decks while the meta doesnt exist.

  8. DEKKS. This deck is sick! Just mulligan for Breath of Dreams & Overgrowth and win (mostly). I tried with Embiggen by taking out a Innervate but Embig. just slows down the game. Minions are already big enough by turn 5 or 6. I do notice that I'm not using the Innervate very much. Gonna switch out for some more early control and try it tomorrow. Again, man, great deck. 13 and 4 tonight. I'm happy. Cheers

  9. I like your decision to no play embiggen, it makes the deck too all or nothing I think

  10. This deck seems awesome!! Just got into hearthstone last month so I’m still missing a bunch of staple cards like Alex. Can someone please recommend replacements for both Alex and Frizz? Thanks so much in advance

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