The Best Free Deck for Wild that You should Choose | Solem Hearthstone

Skrrt my mans. If you are a new or returning player and have not logged in between November 18th last year and the 17th of March you will be able to choose a free deck from a class of your choice. To keep is short, go with Mage, Rogue or Warrior. Mage is overall the best value for slow/reno deck. Rogue is the best choice if you intend to play both standard and wild and Warrior is the best choice for wild only

Generally speaking, no matter what mode you want to play go with one of those 3. The other decks are just a lot worse. I mean the paladin deck is so bad, I would rather you take the mage deck and disenchant it completely than taking that. Here is the overview for all decks you can choose from

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42 thoughts on “The Best Free Deck for Wild that You should Choose | Solem Hearthstone

  1. That boi talking fast in the intro, here is what he said. If you have not logged into Hearthstone between November 18th last year and the 17th of March you will be able to choose a free deck from a class of your choice.
    Pick Mage for the best value, Rogue for the best deck in both modes and Warrior if you want to SMOrc. No need to watch the video, hope to save you some minutes!

    Last day of dat giveaway 🙂
    Discord (announcement channel) ➥

    Twitter ➥

  2. Trump announced his top picks by 40 seconds, you made them by 20 -> twice as fast ! So wow, much fast

  3. Hey, I’m a new player and slowly learning about hearthstone. I don’t have a proper card collection at all and I’m not sure yet of my play style but I do like to play slow and build up my game for the final push I guess. I’m confused about where to begin from. Which deck do you suggest I get from the free ones available? I’m kind of torn between rogue, mage and warrior ones.

  4. I got a free deck the first time i reached rank 25 and I played all the time. It was a new account. I picked hunter since my hunter deck was bad. I won a lot with the free quest hunter deck but I never ever got the quest done.

  5. Galakrond shamon not bad. It's just you need all the cards to make it work. I struggle with it and use it climb with but I win a lot in standard. It's not great but it's not bad

  6. Hey Solem,
    I kept malganis like you advised in that video about what cards are playable. What (relatively) cheap decks can I play with him?

  7. Me at the beginning of the video: Alright! Let's watch this new video

    Solem: pretty much every deck sucks except like 2 or so

    Me after the video: ;~;

  8. Is there any chance that i can play reno quest mage without spending money when i am new player

  9. We play wild… And we usually lose… A lot…


    winning is boring!

  10. I'm so going to go for the mage one. Zeph and Alex are great, just add original Reno and you're cooking.

  11. How can you get one of these decks? I have just created an account and finished the tutorial but I don’t know how to pick one of these decks

  12. probably you dont know which are decks play on the standard. because i didnt see dragon hunter, galak rogue (new meta), face hunter, galak warrior, embiggen druid and others. you showed old meta decks, without highlander mage. please, look at new standard decks dude.

  13. Hey Solem, one great thing you can do is to tell the upgrades we must do to these decks, like for wild, it would be great (i picked the priest one, dont hate me pls)

  14. i feel like they should have done a better system for the free decks, i imagine there is a lot people who logged in the recent 2 months just to try out battle grounds or the an adventure, but because of that they are disqualified for the free deck, i havn't played a single normal game of hearthstone (wild or standard) in the last year but i got on to try battlegrounds and play the adventure mode and i had the itch to play some wild thanks to solem and roffle and standard because of DH, but not able to get a free deck kinda killed the drive for me to even play it now and i don't want to drop any more money into the game rn

  15. Ive just logged into my acc that i havrnt touched for more than half a year i had to play 3 "bosses" and got 3 classic packs but how do i get one of the decks?

  16. No one plays Galakrond in Priest.
    Me hiding my wild galakrond priest deck because I absolutely love the deck and play it religiously haha.

    Hell I crafted priest galakrond golden because I love it so much.

  17. A friend of mine is getting into the game
    And I’m going to suggest him to pick highlander mage for wild, i think it is good for standard aswell but i would like a confirmation for that,and thanks!

  18. So I returned like 3 days ago and I don't have a good set and now I have no win condition, thanks blizzard.

  19. I kinda hate blizzard for this desicion.
    No, seriously, why the fk players, who just left hs should get more than just a casual player who spends like a 15-30 min a day to play some games?

  20. I would like the video, but rn it's on 666 likes and 6 dislikes, and I don't want to be the one that breaks the balance

  21. I already got rogue and priest decks . Now I am going for the highlander one and deciding to craft malygos and later kalecgos .maybe khadgar too.

    Only spent 400 dust to make winnable dh deck . 18-2 status till now .

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