The BEST Rogue Deck?! | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone

You can have so many N’zoths. This is actually insane! I feel like this deck will trump ALL greedy decks like Rez Priest. It even does a decent job against aggro. Seems like a sleeper hit! N’zoth feels absolutely busted.

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J_Alexander’s N’zoth Rogue:



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The BEST Rogue Deck?! | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone



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23 thoughts on “The BEST Rogue Deck?! | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone

  1. I faced this deck 3 times consecutively yesterday on ladder. I beat them without losing with my Quest-Druid. The only way you are beating this deck is if you use zerath or RIP.

    Anyways, great video DEKKK!!!!!

  2. Esta no es la lista oficial y le quitas mucho valor sacando a silvanas por una sap. Silvanas a latte es brutal en este mazo

  3. Highly recommend replacing a couple shivs or novice engineers for two SI: 7 Agents. Helps immensely with staying alive against those quest Shamans.

  4. How does this compare to a highlander variant? Between shadowstep, scheme, and recruiter, you can get plenty of N'Zoths if you choose, and one Khartut Defender is sufficient. I'd rather have a board full of those than mixing in Applebaums.

  5. Whoa. What is this deck losing to? I definitely see this incoming as a tier one so long as you can survive Agro.

  6. The decks wr on hs is only 52%, definitely not the best Rogue deck. Any of the tempo/aggro/nomi versions are still more consistent. I definitely think jepetto should be in this deck somewhere along with maybe Edwin since it wins some games by itself along with your shadowsteps.

  7. i ran into this a lot. put unseen saboteur in my res priest. make them togwaggle's scheme a lacky instead lol.

  8. I'm also experimenting with this deck its loads of fun I'm running Anka with Hakkar and so far it's working well.

  9. Time to tech in a pair of Unseen Saboteurs perhaps, f this Rogue deck becomes too popular.

  10. Hey man if I want put the quest package? I don't want to put the big togwaggle in the deck what cards I have to remove? I mean I want to put in the fox 3 3 the spell that give to you 2 random spells of other classes ecc.
    Thank you

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