The byronze Deck

The old byronze deck that got him to rank 1 legend ❤︎

The Rank 1 tweet as mentioned in the intro

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36 thoughts on “The byronze Deck

  1. This used to be my favorite deck. Thank you for making this tribute Solem, take care of yourself <3

  2. RIP Byron. Even if i didn t get to watch him that much, he was such a nice person, but unfortunately ilnesses dont care about that. Hope you re in a happier and better place. </3

  3. Be sad as much as you need to. You probably already know this but try not to get swallowed up in the grief.
    For now just let it all out and take a break if you need to!

  4. There is nothing I can say that can console you, Solem.
    Just keep your chin up and press on.

  5. I didn't know him much and i had no idea about the situation. I'm really sorry about what happened and i hope things get better somehow. I don't have much to say, but those are my honest thoughts. Stay strong, Solem, and everyone.

  6. Never watched Reckful other than a few videos about his struggle with depression and how he was in a good state of mind at one point. He genuinely seemed like such a nice guy. RIP

  7. love u solem hope you're getting better at dealing with this terrible loss. we all miss reckful

  8. Just saying I hope you don't feel too forced to stream anyway. It's clear you really cared and it's definitely okay to take some time to grieve, no matter if you personally knew the other person or not. This was a nice tribute. Remember to also care for your own mental health (that goes for anyon reading this too). Hope you're feeling okay-ish.

  9. Idk how to really adress death online, saying f seems kinda disrespectful because of its overuse in basically everything online. Im just gonna say he seemed like a cool dude even tho i didn't really watch his content. Take ur time off streaming if u need to solem we here for u as a community.

  10. I'd like to think that last UI face hit was Reckful's doing from above. Rest in peace.

  11. I can relate, Byron was the reason I got back into hearthstone, the reason I played rogue in wow, the reason I came to love the community he helped build on twitch. This must've been really hard to put yourself through but I'd like to think somewhere he'd appreciate this video and all of the support all of his fans have showed. Thank you Solem

  12. Well damn, this is the first I'm hearing about this. Hurts to hear you all choked up.
    Anyone know what the outro music is from? It got me feeling all nostalgic for some reason

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