THE CHALLENGE - Desert Obelisk OTK Priest | Firebat Hearthstone

Another episode of The Challenge! Today we’re trying to OTK w/ Desert Obelisk OTK priest.
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Outro Song: Biggie by Albis


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40 thoughts on “THE CHALLENGE — Desert Obelisk OTK Priest | Firebat Hearthstone

  1. why didnt the teron resummon them when he died?

    nvm the edit didnt show that he killed teron then twisting nethered

  2. Not complaining at all because the production value is through the roof and I’m loving it, but I wouldn’t mind if these videos had more gameplay and were like an hour long similar to a deck doctor.

  3. "I think we're winning with priest because priest is just good, I haven't even used the combo"
    The buffs worked boys
    Now if they can just make priest not make my want to slit my throat to play against, and we're all set. Finally fun to play at least.

  4. I love that the first version that leads to a loss is the one that's "really showing some promise."
    I get it, but… still.

  5. Loving the new style of video, I'm guessing it's probably more work on Firebat and Ed's end, but it's extremely enjoyable as a viewer!

  6. This wan't true otk! He only killed the opponent from 29 health! True otk should kill opponent from 30!

  7. Any chance someone could hook me up with the final decklist if they've already made it?

  8. I hope this is a thing that continues, this is the first non battlegrounds hearthstone content I've seen since Knights of the Frozen Throne that was fun or interesting. Loved it

  9. love the format and it seems firebat is enjoying himself quite a bit so keep em coming Mr. Bat

  10. I know one thing for certain: BattlePan did not see that coming.

  11. My favourite near-otk at the moment is gala rogue with togwaggle scheme. 1.Charge scheme, 2 play Kronx, 3 scheme it then use a mix of togwaggle wand and gala to draw 0 man kroxs then use the deal 5, heal 5

  12. It would be a sick idea if you went back through old card reviews from when various expansions came out and saw which cards were rated really highly, but are now never played, and tried to make them work!

  13. This sounds similar in concept to a rocketeer priest deck I used to play a bit. It goes past taunt but can't be used as desparation removal. Went a different route on draw though.

  14. This may seem weird but these 2 videos about challenges are really high quality and reminds me of Disguised Toasts early videos and honestly its in my mind some of the best HS content i've seen.

    The drawback of the format though is that it takes a lot more effort but doesn't get more views, there was a reason why Toast switched content style, because it´s the same result but way easier.

    Another drawback is that some people may not watch this because they saw the combo live and don't feel they need to watch it again,

    Love the series though, keep it up.

  15. why priest and not rouge with this shadow figure card?
    it should be just draw deck, double shuffle, survive next turn and bam 6 obelisk on the boardand if needed 10 mana to play an alex

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