The Constant Search for Plant Friends | Firebat Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Plants are super important okay??
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Outro Song: Biggie by Albis


32 thoughts on “The Constant Search for Plant Friends | Firebat Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. if you would have put non taunts next to cannon up front, you would have gotten double attacks from them, instead of the windfury killing them after only one attack

  2. Going pogos in this Lobby, a completely empty board every turn, absolutely teeming with invisible pogos, too OP

  3. and that was a perfect example of why i don't play hearthstone anymore lol, that would have been an infuriating match to play

  4. 11:55 "Hmmm, this guy has a full board of murlocs and he's won all of his most recent matches. Oh, I know! I'll lead with my biggest baddest minion!"

  5. Firebat is a really chill dude

    I would have been shouting at my screen with that Wrathweaver but no demon start, and I would have wanted to punch my screen losing a 74% chance to win fight at the end

  6. When the game's strongest deck leads to an RNG-based matchup, it seems like good decision making gets rewarded less. But Firebat did a lot of stuff that I wouldn't have done this game, so he probably was making a lot of good decisions.

  7. Poison should be removed from the game, at least from megasaur for sure, the stupid rng divine poison luck once you get it its gg since you can freely start buffing with no weakness

  8. I always feel like Yogg has a hidden passive that the unlikely scenario is the most likely outcome

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