The Dark Portal + King Phaoris Combo | Firebat Hearthstone

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Outro Song: Biggie by Albis


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21 thoughts on “The Dark Portal + King Phaoris Combo | Firebat Hearthstone

  1. A bit overboard with the zoom ins, i have to focus to catch the game because of all the zoom ins

  2. If any of you play raid, join my spinoff clan "Batcave team thing 2" it's currently in need of more players and everyone in the clan is a firebat fan 🙂

  3. I wonder if Shadow Council is a better replacement for one of the 1 mana spells? Seems like a "good" backup win condition if the Phaoris fails.

  4. Always solid content! Really enjoy Firebat’s personality and play style . Also great job by Ed on the video, I was genuinely laughing out loud when the “lies” were edited 🤣

  5. lol i was the guy in chat that said it worked on 7 cards because it draws. i also said i was 1200% sure and sidetracked firebat for quite a while. my bad my dude i'm sorry

  6. Hey can someone explain how firebat can see the rank of his opponent? Since the new ranked system with the leagues and stuff, I have only been able to see my own rank in wild, and i have friends with the same. I really want to know, please someone help

  7. Paused the video to go hit the like button just because of editor guy. <3 you editor guy.

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