THE DREAM BARON BUILD! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Bomb build has reached new heights in the Battlegrounds!
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45 thoughts on “THE DREAM BARON BUILD! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Man, I know it takes a good bit to get there, but 24 free damage with every boomer bot is pretty amazing.

    I get so much more satisfaction seeing kripp win with this than with murlocs

  2. Everyone is now trying this build because of your video so it's almost impossible to do. I wish they would add more minions to the pool or raise the number of the same minion. It only screws you in the end when your opponet gets a gold cobold and you get garbage.

  3. I can’t even understand, is it a salty mask that he wears or is it rather his actual perception of things? “O MA GOD I’M LIKE THE BEST PLAYER AND BECAUSE OF RNG I LOSE??”
    It used to be funny watching you, but now I feel you are a bit overboard with this

  4. Wtf do you even see in battlegrounds? It's so BORING. The same outcome every game. The same boards. The same minions.

    You really need to get a life you stupid beta male nerd.. you play a BORING stupid game all day and that's your living… How pathetic is that?
    Who cares if you have money, it's still pathetic as hell. You play a crappy game all day. Re-evaluate your life you worthless moron.

  5. Amazing Kripps,
    I happen to land on a similar combo with Rafaam, golden bomb, Golden Rivendare and it was so satisfying to defeat/ bulldoze your way to Number one….amazing…Thanks Kripss ur advice works like a charm

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