The First Day by Amazing LP | Scholomance Academy Card Reveal

A Frazzled Freshman meets several magical and mysterious characters on their first day at Scholomance Academy. After a quick jaunt around campus, our freshman is thrust into a friendly duel in front of the entire school!

Video created by @Amazing LP神奇的老皮

Scholomance Academy launches worldwide August 6!

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26 thoughts on “The First Day by Amazing LP | Scholomance Academy Card Reveal

  1. i have a feeling blizzard didnt make this video. im thinking it was tencent with the cheap animation of it all look back at the intro to hs and its better hands down TENCENT IS THE PROBLEM

  2. I like that you're just cutting out the middle person and letting Amazing LP do these videos for you now. That's the right choice. No one does it better.

  3. Blizzard did u remember, how scholomance looks like?? And billioner company doing garbage video like this….Bravo

  4. Did frazzled freshman send his cute twin to school, while being the ugly brother on the photo?

  5. I actually thought that this was going to be a full animated series

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