The Game That Wouldn't End! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Savjz

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38 thoughts on “The Game That Wouldn't End! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Savjz

  1. 19:51 im sorry but why would you do that, you just lost your chance to attack first and didn't fill up ur board space. like why?

  2. 19:12 Much love from a long time sub. That game was insane to watch. Really great strategy play at the end.

  3. that guy has only 4 big thing and 4 bubble at best, after he got the baron, just sell the zap and play with 6 unit with ghoul go and buff it with strongshield(which he rolled both) is 100% win for the whole time…… zap actually decrease the win rate by itself for like 20%(50% go first and 50% hit the ghoul b4 baron will have 66% drawing due to 2 out of 3 targets will force a draw, 50% go second and 33% enemy ghoul hiting own ghoul and here the chance go very complicated as we never know whose deathrattle go first wtf fix this bizzard……. ) PS….it is just not true that savjz didnt go first in those exchange 😛

  4. Nice strategy at the end, but IMHO passing on the brann to keep the golddigger at that moment was criminal.

  5. Gold Grubber was like an exchange student while Brann was living with some pirate group for a while.

  6. 24:50 okay so in my eyes that was a huge misplay to pass that Brann..
    let me explain you why: in this particular matchup against a Saurolisk build you can easily afford to sell the 46/46 to play a Brann because you're gonna scale harder with that. Even if you lose the first few rounds because you are weaker you're not gonna die cauz he doesn't deal much damage with that build…
    Edit: I just saw, that he actually mentioned that at 32:20 so yeah he knows that it wasn't the correct play to keep it 🙂

  7. "Macaw is great, but it loses pretty hard to Divine Shield Poison"
    Well, is there any comp that doesn't lose to that?

  8. I understand murlocs are difficult to play and usually atrocious at most parts of the game, but I still hate how they ruin the late game. I don't like the fact that poison and divine shields are an auto win. I like seeing people build big ass minions and then duke out, not a 2 attack minion kill a 100 health minion…

  9. so bad played again, and what the hell are you talking about, you cannot explain anything from a game you dont know how to play, you are here only because you are just lucky

  10. It's frustrating watching him play so slowly game after game.

  11. Feels like there was multiple paths. In that final showdown enough health that one thing survives an attack would be huge. A golden grubber or bran murloc buffs woulda done it too.

  12. Hej Savjz, please try a few games of underlords again. I just returned to it after a long time and it's such a different game and it was great watching you play!
    Check out this video from Alex C, it shows you can still really have fun with it just like in the start! Probably the dumbest match I've seen 😀

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