The Golden Hearthstone Classic Bundle for $15: Is It a Fair Price? Mathematical Answer. Your benefit

馃馃挰 Today we have a special video for you. We will talk about the benefits of opening Blizzard鈥檚 Golden Packs Bundle.
The community is already familiar with these packs due to things such as receiving them from solo adventures, special promotions and pre orders. Now Blizzard has made it possible to purchase 6 gold packs for $ 15. The bundle will be available until May 26.


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馃馃 鈥婼pecial thanks to Chris!鈥嬧


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41 thoughts on “The Golden Hearthstone Classic Bundle for $15: Is It a Fair Price? Mathematical Answer. Your benefit

  1. I'm going to be honest with you, Holo, Bot, and Dora, I haven't really touched Hearthstone ever since LoR came out on mobile. It's so f2p friendly — in just three weeks I've gotten more resources than three months in HS. I still watch you three to keep up to date in the hopes that HS will become more f2p friendly and not require me to make it a second job. Plus you guys make quality content.

  2. Didn't get a legendary, but a lot of epics, net value 3600 dust. Would be interesting to see how much dust people got from the bundle, maybe that could be a question in the next video, just to see the average amount of dust people got.

  3. Hell no I'm not buying the golden packs, I quit Hearthstone for LoR, a game where you can earn most of the cards for free without spending anything lol.

  4. I got a golden nat pagel on the 6th pack . Overall 3.5~ dust. Worth it? With the games economy yes, but I already knew it. Normal pack is worth 100 dust gold pack worth 4 times that amount its simple math.

  5. I was all, "Ooh, golden!" Then I was all "Dammit. I wasted my money on dust." >> P.S. I am a whale and I want an all gold collection but also a realist and I dust some goldens to craft missing cards like epics and legendaries because I want a FULL collection as well as a golden one.

  6. Due to the regional pricing. This bundle is offered to me by a rough estimate of $10 USD is it a good deal? 'Cause I'm an old player from the Beta. I've just spent money once in the DH pre-purchase which it didn't turn out to be that good imo.

  7. I am not feeding Activison's greed. Never again.
    I bought some pre orders in past, but this is getting slowly out of hand.

  8. I got 1 golden legendary, 1 epic a ton of rares, I'm happy with what I got 馃檪

  9. I feel like there is a shortcoming to this video. If you buy regular packs you're not going to dust everything you get, unless you already have max copies. Especially given that you won't get more copies than max until you max all cards for the given rarity.

  10. Bought it. Got some 6 rares that will never be played, wisp, chicken, and that 2 overload shaman taunt. But idk, it's still worth

  11. I got all commons and rares + a single epic but was only planning on turning the packs into a Siamat to finish 3 decks anyway. $15 Siamat + a little dust wasn't a great deal imo but I was getting tired of buying Savior's packs when I had everything I wanted from that set already.

  12. i already got golden jaraxus in the past but got very lucky and got golden mukla and golden deathwing in the 6 packs and an epic. I must be very lucky.

  13. Finally got Tirion from this sale. I normally dust all my goldens but I'll have to hold onto this one.

  14. i crafted two legendaries from my purchase. didnt know about the 10 pack ratio. thanks

  15. Yeah I have always wondered if classic packs and golden classic packs are connected in the 10th pack guaranteed legendary algorithm or not.

  16. Tbh I'm just gonna disenchant anything I open because I dont care about having a collection. I just want a specific deck and dust to build it. Therefore opening any pack will very likely result in instant dust

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