The GOOD OL' YOGG IS BACK With Some BAD RNG | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1449

The GOOD OL’ YOGG IS BACK With Some BAD RNG | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1449

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ES_Whipping Butter — Birdies
ES_Boots and Laces — Lindsey Abraham
ES_Won’t Return to This Town — Epocha
ES_Call Me Anything — Grip City Cronies
ES_What’s Cookin’ — Billy Bill
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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24 thoughts on “The GOOD OL' YOGG IS BACK With Some BAD RNG | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1449

  1. Well, Team 5 decided that card advantage proved by drawing don't fits in priest's identity. I can understand that thinking about combo capacity, another thing they removed. But why they removed the shadow part of this class? Priest is supposed to support his comrades by healing and buffing them but, when is necessary, he embrace shadow's power and fight side by side with his minions. It's a different tipe of dark magic proved by warlocks who sacrifice "everything" in order to have advantage in battle. But overall I think priest is not even at his final form and we will see that in future.

  2. Was a much needed rework. Priest was always either prominent in the meta or just did not exist and when they were strong it always felt like the same two decks as past metas.

  3. Ok, i don’t care about priest hall of fame cause im a wild player. Right now with those cards priest have zero win condition and we’ll have to see what will be released. I absolutely hate the change of power world shield — the could’ve just rotated it like the rest, but no, the card has to be completely useless. Unless priest gets a good win condition, the class will still be dead.

  4. I like the card reworks, but was Mass Dispel intentionally left unchanged by Team 5 to give Priest some form of card draw? The Priest rework is nice b/c from a Zephrys perspective, there isn't an absolute need to use Twisting Nether to get rid of a big board. The modified Holy Smite is a nice minion removal spell without the Overload. Last but not least, Seline could be potentially offered from Zephrys if there is a big minion present at 10 mana. So that in essence buffs Highlander decks by a noticeable but not overpowering margin

  5. 7:33 'aw come om he got the maly, how does he get it like that?' i mean he probably had only that minion left in his deck, you know, that's what u want to do when you play that deck..

  6. stop wasting our time with topdeck clips. Thats not Funny. It's a very common thing.

  7. As long as the priest identity not something annoying like res, inner fire, or mind blast I’m fine with it.

  8. Im glad they hall of famed Priest to make space for Demon Hunter, he looks really fun to play! Unlike Priest.

  9. I actually like the faster animations on BG. Also, i think it could run the same way when Nozdormu is on the board (like the players are rushing because of it).
    Also, PRAIZE YOG! I almost wanted to come back and make a yogg deck! lol

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