THE GRAND BG DUEL - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — These epic one vs ones are the best and most strategic part of the Battlegrounds.
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29 thoughts on “THE GRAND BG DUEL — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. BTW guys if you didnt get it from the video. Kripp was SuPeR unlucky, and Rafaam had 'GoD lIkE lUcK'.
    Just in case you missed it.

  2. In the intro your eyes have dark circles around them. I know I've gotten those when I've not been sleeping well. Take a break if you need to!

  3. Hungry Dragon has a hidden effect that lowers your chance to win by half once it hits the board.

  4. The other guy really outplayed himself. He added a foe reaper instead of another beast and then tripled his good cleave. He sold the Baron in his Deathrattle build for a holy mackerel without poison and one reset. Bold strategy cotton, let's see if it pays off.

  5. Kripp in intro: "I love these kinds of games"
    Kripp in game: "Not only does everthing suck, but I have to nail myself to my own cross! Can you believe this?"

  6. Kripp: That was last to first, against an undefeated guy with a 10 win-streak

    Also Kripp: We've been really unlucky. Also this guy has GODLIKE RNG — GODLIKE

  7. Scrolled your videos down 3 months, all battlegrounds content. You usually did a little bit of everything, now only battlegrounds. Considering how small amount of hearthstone players are interested in battlegrounds it feels like bad thing to double down on. Maybe some non-battleground content in future? At least like card reviews and nerf commentaries.

  8. I saw the start of this, but fell asleep cause life lol happy you uploaded it

  9. The only good option for the enemy would have been to argus the baron and the second Gauldrinn and play the 1/1 divine shield giving him ~ a 66% chance (2/3) that one Gauldrinn dies and a ~33% chance that both Gaudrinns die before Baron dies.

  10. I used an app that recognizes dog breeds on my mini pig (71kg) and it said it was a corgi 😄
    Maybe corgis get really big with a good vegetarian diet.

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