THE GRUBBER DEMON BUILD! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Golden demons and Grubber are the perfect mix of midrange and top spots!
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45 thoughts on “THE GRUBBER DEMON BUILD! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Does anyone know the name of the add on Kripparian uses that shows the win/lose/tie probabilities? I tried looking but I’m either blind, dumb, or both.

  2. Kripp: demons has struggled a lot, pirates are not as good as before, dragons are not consistent, beasts suffered a lot after the nerf, there's always better options than mechs. So what do we do? Force murlocs boiz!

  3. Battlegrounds has become more like:
    Got cannon = win middle game
    Heroes super bias end result
    Pay 2 win for more hero options

    But I still love it over every other game mode

  4. That feeling when I realized that I was Rafaam in this game. (I had a very bad game session that day, and I everywere kept trying to go to murlocks)

  5. The algo that determines who finishes 2nd or 3rd needs a rework. Kripp deserved 2nd place here. Maybe something like, whoever dies to a ghost will have a worse rank than whoever did not die to a ghost.

  6. Hey Kripp,

    Hope you find this little story I have for you entertaining to say the least. I watched your Eudora game and attempted the classic Golden Menagerie. My 1st gold dig was the double attack on attack dragon. Not great but i did get a gold grubber on the 4 roll. Leveled to 5 and on my 2nd gold dig i got MAL GANNIS with an IMP MAMA on the 6 roll. I bought imo gang boss and steam rolled the rest of the lobby, placed 1st.

    Side note: there werent any murlocs.

    Hope you enjoyed the craziness that is Eudora (:

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