The Holy Mackerel Taunt Luck - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Taunting the Holy Mackerel’s in order to get a chance to win against a Murloc comp but the trades do not go as planned.

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15 thoughts on “The Holy Mackerel Taunt Luck — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. My routine:
    1) watch bebe play pyramad
    2) got motivated
    3) play pyramad
    4) 8th place
    5) back to 1

  2. You couldn't have thrown that harder if you tried. You are usually the best Bebe but you ruined that last turn. You should have used Argus on ONLY the poisoned Mackrel, put it to the far right and put all your divine shields starting from the left. You had an unbeatable build and threw it away taunting both mackerels.

  3. Why are you worrying so much about what rafam takes? Holding shredder or spawn and guaranteeing the buff on your murloc seems way better

  4. why taunt both mackerels and keep any other taunt? and also sell bran? that was 100% win if you would leave taunted only poisoned mackerel

  5. Should only taunt one mackerel with poison. Prob shoulda thrown away shredder. Bran also didn’t matter at end with stats, needed more poisonous

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