The Importance of "Scrubs" (In Yugioh)

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38 thoughts on “The Importance of "Scrubs" (In Yugioh)

  1. Scrubs allow good cards to enter the trading market. Scrubs also allow the better decks to get free wins at events. Not everyone plays meta and not everyone knows card values. It's not a bad thing per se but people will take advantage of it.

  2. I will admit… I am still a bit of a scrub. I played YuGiOh as a kid (2003-2005-ish) and have now moved to another city with a cardshop, which I frequent twice every week. So now I have returned to YGO about 10 years later. I am not aware of all the rules, I often do huge misplays, and I only have one deck that I play with (Yosenju's, because it's straight forward and actually stands a chance against some top tier). Usually when I trade cards with people I don't know what I really want, so I usually overpay/underpay in terms of value of what I am giving for the card in question. Which I know is stupid.

    Luckily, most of the guys in the shop are nice enough to try and help me out and explain how I should do things, and they never belittle me for making a bad misplay or anything.

  3. I agree with the majority of this video. I make it out of my way to teach new players things that I have been taught over the years.

  4. I call those guys who are bad and REFUSE to get better and listen to anything anyone tells them.
    But i cant lie sometimes those scrubs will be playing some weird shit and ill be like hmmm that might work

  5. Honestly, a "scrub" isn't just a new player. A "scrub" is an ignorant noob who insists that they are right and you are wrong. And/or someone who believes that meta decks need to be nerfed so their old deck can be tier one instead of learning how to work around the meta and maybe topping at some point. That's a "scrub." 

    Noobs, can be someone new, and not a brat that needs an ass beating. Noobs, for the most part, just don't know the game well enough to be good or average, and usually (usually), are willing to learn rulings and styles of how to play instead of just net-decking and making the most linear plays.

    Noobs = someone new, usually willing to learn
    Scrub = someone new, igornat (aka a brat), and refuses to learn

  6. How to not be a Scrub in Yu-Gi-Oh! or MTG: Never buy sealed product unless you can sell 1 or 2 cards and make money back right away. Always buy singles.

  7. I collect yugioh since 2002 but I never was really into playing the game other than ygpro. Last week I went to a locals and I felt like the total noob there playing for the first time in ages. But most of the people in the local store were pretty nice giving me tipps explaining all the cards slowly so I had an easy and good time. Also bought a couple of boosters and got a 30$ card that star seraph thing and I had no idea, thought it was a crap card, people told me instantly that the card is worth what its worth and asked me if I wanna trade.

  8. The definition of a scrub is a little skewed from what I've experienced. People at my locals will call someone a scrub for not playing the most meta deck, or just playing for fun without a worry about what's cool or meta. They can also be a scrub for having a meta deck, without the knowledge of using it. Pretty much, it's just a name that gets tossed at anyone who doesn't know what they're doing.

  9. I love how the scrub comment gets thrown around. Not everyone who doesn't like running a "meta" deck is a scrub. Personally I have respect for someone like myself so can take lightsworns, chaos dragons, blacksmiths, yang zings or heroic challengers and continuously finish top 8 or top 3. People don't have to be super competitive they can be casual players and still not be a scrub. Alot of people in the yugioh community need to get their heads out of their asses. Just go to pojo and look at message boards, any time someone gives an opinion that doesn't match with normal "meta" opinion they are crucified. Get your heads out of your asses yugioh players we all have one thing in common. We are all NERDS who like playing a card game designed for children.

  10. Scrub anyone who CAN'T make a deck and has played over 5 years,and is over 15. SCRUB anyone who CONSTANTLY uses someone else's deck as if it's their mental genius. SCRUB anyone who goes to locals ,calls someone a scrub while playing a top tier deck and is always playing the best deck, knowing yugi allows new decks to go off.
    Scrubs. ..rule sharks at locals.

  11. To me, I don't use the word scrub unless I've seen the player over an extended period of time. If i notice a person only uses the current meta from format to format than he/she is a scrub because they lack creativity and enjoyment of the game. They only play to win. I don't mind meta decks, but it's a game, have fun, be creative, be different.

  12. I think someone chained mistake to this video, you got the definition of newb and scrub mixed up. You know what a newb is a scrub is someone who doesn't learn and keeps complaining about how they can't get their way and believe they're right about basically everything. But then again it seems like multiple people have there own definition of scrub.

  13. Scrubs keep the game going buy buying starter decks and other shit products no experienced played would purchase.

  14. i agree that more experienced players do have a responsibility when it comes to educating others in playing the game better. For the ones that are doing that, i would like to thank you and encourage you in being consistent. and for the rest who wont stop complaining, be a damn professional and act like you've been there before!!!!!!

  15. I play in a small group and i was a scrub but everyone has their place, I like to feel that that applies to the whole community

  16. You guys got it all wrong. Theres a difference in a shitty player and a scrub. A scrub says they topped nats and won all this stuff. And in reality theyve never even been too a regionals… A scrub pretendds to be something there not….

  17. I love your channel but you should really work on your sound. Sometimes I can't even hear what you're saying

  18. I always watch scrubs duel because they will show you something new. They do not understand and will lure the best.

  19. i will admit i was once a scrub now i nearly make any misplays i go to regionals (if i can get off that day) i help out newer players and im always thinking of new strategies for my deck insted of the go to one. im a seasoned yugiplayer i top locals make it to the 32 at regionals. i got my invite twice.

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