THE MAIEV GOD BUILD?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The greatest Maiev run I have ever seen happened to me!
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36 thoughts on “THE MAIEV GOD BUILD?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. All this Jaraxxus hate. He's got my third highest win count according to stats. He's not my first pick, for sure (and not in my top five picked heroes), but I must be doing something right with him and don't understand what's so terrible. There's definitely worse hero powers that are dependent on card draw.

  2. i won with Maiev taunt build somehow. Not a fan of her though, the art is the only cool thing imo

  3. hate to break it to you kripp but this has nothing to do with maiev, this is just you getting lucky lol

  4. Isn't the only use case to hold onto a triple you've seen until tier 4 while still allowing you to roll?

  5. This wasn't a triumph of the hero, this was a triumph of the Baron dodging every hit that could have killed it for the entire game. I'm not sure he got sniped even once. Retitle "The Baron God build!!!"

  6. To figure out if her hero power is worth it, just imagine how many shop slots you'd take up freezing the shop. If you think you'll roll as much as or more than that number in the next 2 turns, it's bad. If you think you'll roll less than the number of slots frozen, then it's quite nice actually. I think this means it's good to do it before level up rounds.

  7. Can you post this on porn hub krip?
    This was some of the dirtiest stuff i've seen in a while

  8. Kripp always complains about not killing Baron, but it seems that in the lategame this video his baron didn't even get a single hit on him for like 5 games in a row

  9. What the actual fuck was that clown fiesta you called a final round, that was literal peak hearthstone

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