THE MEGA-CLEAVE CARRY - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — This is the cleave you wish you had.
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42 thoughts on “THE MEGA-CLEAVE CARRY — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Not gonna comment on how the single poison hit the biggest minion twice?

  2. That was an incredibly low power game. Kripp was the only one you got any powerful at the end, because of the choice to Brann Taunt buff strategy. He realized he could no longer get powerful by tripling and Murloc buffs, so he threw that away and went for the Neutral buff route, which simultaneously protects the Cleave, by having so many taunts it's unlikely to hit him. Nice.

  3. Only 2 murlocs by the end and no divine shields. What have you done with the real Kripp?

  4. I love games like these, had one myself today. Hit lightfang early, hit triple, ended up with 49/whatever hydra and 2 40/something cobalts… Actually destroyed divine shield/poisonous murlocs player

  5. "it doesn't matter. I'm about to lose anyway."
    He says, when his followers give him handouts during stream.
    It all feels very unsportsmanlike from start to finish.
    It also looks really bad as a comeback to the comment when he wins anyway.

  6. Lich King was stupid, already knowing Kripp got a big cleave and still put the two most important minions right beside a taunt…and not talking about giving everything taunt😂

  7. I love how when he gets unlucky its bullsh…. but when he gets super lucky he schooled him pure skill u gotta love the number 1 salt farmer on YouTube

  8. when i read the word "mega-cleave" i tout it was some new keyword that appeared from the gold version, that would hit for more then 3 targets.

  9. 17:22 that positioning, not putting juggler last with his hero power lost him like 60 damage and with it the whole match.

  10. One of the closest games I've ever had was with menagerie cleaves at like 60/60+ in stats on both reaper and hydra against devine shield poison murloc nefarian. I actually won a fight with lucky cleaves and brought him low, but still lost cause the second fight had poor cleave targets.

  11. More cheating in this video…this is getting really sad. You are better than this.

  12. I think the Nef had 200iq in the beginning seing u had 4 (or is it 2? that u see) and then saw u were 1 star so u could only have 2 tokens

  13. Tried something similar with hydra so I could use menagerie. Ended with a 70/72 cleave that caused Tyrion to forfeit. Good times

  14. So wait, I'm taking notes here so I wanna get this right: one cleave with barely any buffs is enough to win you the game when your opponents are super weak and use no taunts while you're desperately trying to save your murloc build that isn't working instead of focusing on the one asset that is working?

  15. Rando question, but why is it called cleave? Only recently got into battlegrounds and have heard everyone call it a cleave but no idea why.

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