The Michael Jackson Chronicles - Shamone Deck (Hearthstone Naxx Challenge #2)

Michael Jackson is still questing towards his goal of returning to Naxxramas, at his side is the ever faithful hero Simon The Taint Cleaner who is using his taint scrubbing abilities to sweep through the ranks of Naxx.
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Additional Music: ‘Who Likes To Party’ by Kevin MacLeod


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42 thoughts on “The Michael Jackson Chronicles — Shamone Deck (Hearthstone Naxx Challenge #2)

  1. Finally someone brave enough to discuss spiders wearing shoes.  

  2. Michael Jackson touched Andy!!! I saw it with my own eyes, he even fiddled with buzz and woodys small parts

  3. Oooh eeh ooh ah ah ding dong shamalama ding dong. Gotta love Simon and Sips's humor :3

  4. Elemental better than Enhancement? Pfff you wreck shit when leveling as enhance

  5. If your wondering what the intro song is called it's called Who Likes to Party by Kevin Macleod.

  6. These subtitles are amazing, 'anub'rekhan' = "in African" and 'don't sell them in eights' = "old seldom in aids"… Seems legit

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