The Most Important Hearthstone Legendary Cards That We Will Lose: Year of the Phoenix Rotation 2020

🤖💬 Today we have prepared a list of the most influential legendary cards that we are losing in April. As you know, many players get rid of all cards that go into Wild mode. Our main task is to convince you to leave at least some of these cards in your collection, since many of them do not deserve such a fate. Based on our weekly statistics, we determined the average popularity for all legendary cards that are leaving Standard Mode. In addition, we added information on their current popularity in Wild and Standard.

🤖💬📜 The whole list
20 Zerek’s Cloning Gallery −2%
19 Crystalsmith Kangor − 2%
18 Shirvallah, the Tiger − 2%
17 Houndmaster Shaw − 2,3%
16 Jan’alai, the Dragonhawk − 2,3%
15 Wardruid Loti − 2,5%
14 Luna’s Pocket Galaxy − 3%
13 Lord Godfrey − 3,1%
12 Flobbidinous Floop − 3,3%
11 Subject 9 − 3,3%
10 Hagatha The Witch − 3,9%
9 The Soularium − 3,9%
8 Myra’s Unstable Element — 4%
7 Stargazer Luna − 5,2%
6 Shudderwock − 6%
5 Dr. Boom, Mad Genius
4 Zul’jin − 8,2%
3 Leeroy Jenkins 20%
2 SN1P-SN4P −24%
1 Zilliax − 37%
X Whizbang

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45 thoughts on “The Most Important Hearthstone Legendary Cards That We Will Lose: Year of the Phoenix Rotation 2020

  1. I was expecting to test DemonHunter with Whizbang 🙁 oh the deception!

  2. Whizbang is the best, my friend did not even know it existed. But when he learned it did we often ended up with him borrowing my whizbang deck and he and I would random it up.

  3. I actually used subject 9 with my secret deck instantly because got it in first pack, i almost broke meta and went from like rank 18 to 4

  4. I don't use wizbang but I think that Wizabang should be part of the base set, not even classic, I think it should be automatically given to new players so that they can have much more variety early on

  5. Always wanted to build a #Velen OTK deck and I finally did in galakrond priest with fate weaver and they decide to HoF Velen and "ruin" holy smite on top of that…

    This might be a controversial one for many but leeroy has always had a place in my heart for being the greatest meme of all time. Everytime I played him I yelled "time's up let's do this, Leeroy Jenkins!", but now time's up for poor ol' leeroy.

    We lost a great meme guys…


  7. whizbang is the only card WHY I COULD CLIMB UP THE LADDER to rank 15-13!!!
    because I never buy packs with dollar 🙁


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