THE MURLOC BRAN’SPLOSION! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Get Brann, get rating. It’s that simple.
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39 thoughts on “THE MURLOC BRAN’SPLOSION! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. What the… So im staring at the waxrider wondering why not just sell the dang thing…then in the end it…this was more surprising then the murlock explosion.

  2. after he got brann he couldve sold the rat and upgraded to t5 for the next triple to give him a possible megasaur instead of a possible 5 star murloc

  3. This could have been just a 10 minute video. When Krip kit the poisonous+divine shield it's just game over 😄

  4. i wonder how long he can milk this content because it is the same stuff over and over again, nothing new. on top of that he acts like he is super smart while all he does is playing HS. pitiful 🙁

  5. Kripp yesterday: I'm done playing trash heroes.
    Kripp today having Edwin in pick: I'll play Flurgl this time.

  6. Kripp instantly forces another murloc run, the speed, the skrll, the innoburgle, the mrglmrglmrg HSMurlocs

  7. I had shudderwock and even though there were 4 murloc players in my lobby, I got so many early murlocs I just went with it and the double buffs really made it possible to win. Brann would have been better since hero power is only once per turn, but I destroyed the entire lobby anyway.

  8. Mr. Unlucky here gets a murloc start and progressively finds decent murlocs in the start. Whenever I play murlocs they are removed from the game until I am tier 4, I want his hacks !

  9. When someone says "boomer" after a complex, long, involved turn that was executed close to perfectly, if not perfectly, it means they are a millennial retard.

  10. Bran-splosion sounds like a challenge to Will Ferrell's Colon Blow cereal sketch on SNL.

  11. It's not giving up, people leave the game to animation cancel, if they lost and died that becomes an auto disconnect.

  12. please enable show current combat stats.
    its not spoiler as you said, because knowing for example its a 33% win still doesnt tell us if you will win or not. it makes it even more exciting because knowing its close makes you even more interested in how it will go. and the rare cases where it does spoil because its 100%, you usually know that outcome anyway as its easy to guess then.
    also before displaying it on screen you often used to say "this is 70% win" at the start of the combat. and that didnt spoil anything either.

  13. Kripp is like that article I once read — There was a young man in some latin american town cleaning shoes for money, but he was strong — everyone said that he is the best boxer in the town and someone asked why is he then cleaning shoes if he is the best boxer? — No one wants no fight him, so he has to clean shoes for a living.

  14. 11:30
    Bugurgle > egg
    Egg > brann
    Primalfin > egg
    Token 1 > brann
    Murkeye > token 1
    Token 2 > coldlight
    Felfin > token 2
    Token 3 > random
    Warleader > sneeds
    Maexxna vs. murloc
    Repeat prev. x 4
    Baron and khadgar remain
    Sorri! 😛

  15. I just stop watching seeing you getting 3 murlocs on your first board. While I at turn 7 have not seen any murlocs. Not worth watching imo.

  16. At this point I'm pretty sure there is a direct correlation between all the Flurgle players that went 1st and them getting a Tidehunter on T1 and those that went 8th and didn't.

  17. Crackling Razormaw for 5 Stars Should be nice in Battlegrounds and a 9/1 mech Magnetic windfury 6 Star card
    Poison divine Shield windfury hydra und windfury divine foe reaper 🙂

  18. Kripp ive beaten much bigger poison shield murlocs. I had a starter ghoul and giant cleaves I won comfortably

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