THE MURLOC POP! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The best part of trying Murloc builds is when things turn around in a single turn.
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45 thoughts on “THE MURLOC POP! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Since Kripp often mentions the youtube viewers who are tired of seeing murlocs all the time, let me share my supposedly unpopular opinion that videos showcasing murloc builds are among the best ones. I think it's really satisfying to see it all come together after the initial struggle.

  2. If anyone wants to know, Vitamin B-12 is produced in the metabolism of certain types of bacteria, and archaea. Some of these bacteria even exist inside our GI tract. However since they are in our colon the B-12 they produce is not absorbed by us. This is why many animals partake in Coprophagia (eating poop).

  3. Him rambling on about vitamin B12 was killing me inside…. So much he doesn't understand about it…


  5. Complains of bad RNG. “Bad luck there.” Stats show he had 22% chance to win. Still complains.

  6. the main question i always had for kripp was why vegan over vegetarian? if it was for health benefits then i would think vegetarian or pescatarian would make more sense since the supplements he takes are more easily available with those diets

  7. murlocs were tough to pull off but not anymore. the addition of the 4/4 buffing murloc was actually a pretty big deal, along with some of the other builds getting nerfed.

  8. Chat: Omg krip another time murloc
    Krip: muarlawk (murlock sound) yes my theory is that krip is a murloc

  9. I swear, rat king has such an odd rotation of buffs. Never the right one or one turn too late exactly

  10. I love Kripp, but that 10:17 segment "I can't read these articles, but they certainly support my point of view" is so cringe because that really is the normal approach to scientific topics nowadays.

  11. "Murlocs are incredibly hard to pull off"
    Immediately loads up HSB and wins with Murlocs
    Well, that was a lie.

  12. murloc seems unbeatable if the stars align and give you the right cards, i would love to see murloc vs murloc

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