The Road to Top 10 Starts Now: Climbing With Rogue Is EASY!!

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32 thoughts on “The Road to Top 10 Starts Now: Climbing With Rogue Is EASY!!

  1. Being a part of the start 50% and thinking are not the same Thijs. If they vote, they vote for what they think is right. But if they say 1+1=3 it doesn´t mean it is right.

  2. The Trolden Shade Thijs threw at 10:06 had me laughing. Thijs is right tho, $2 for for the use of his content is kinda a slap in the face.

  3. In fact, some of the people underestimate themselves as well
    19% still would not able to be the accurate num……..

  4. Someone could tell me what the heck means "less than 3/tree" his pronunciation is awful lol

  5. 17:14 when you build only a 4/4 instead of 8/8 edwin it is more troubling and more aggressive against priest, he has to remove It with penance or time rip, he used time rip last turn and cant remove the other stuff if he destroy the 4/4 edwin…

  6. I don’t know why Thijs was being so sassy to trolden, he offers him and other streamers a lot of exposure that will only benefit him. No chill

  7. I think Edwin is the one legendary that I'm super glad I crafted. It's probably one of the few classic legendaries that is a staple in every rogue deck as opposed to other class legendaries that can usually be niche or are only seen in combo decks.

  8. U are so good and your choice of Playing the card is not same like me, but u can still win the game

  9. >gives information away by hitting face with 2 damage lackey and bouncing back to hand
    >*opponent heals face*
    >Thijs: He knows!!!

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