THE SECRET TO WINNING w/ DANCING DERYL | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Auto Battler

Watch Disguised Toast use the Hero Dancing Deryl to try and take the victory in this intense game of Hearthstone Battlegrounds. I hope you guys enjoy!

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45 thoughts on “THE SECRET TO WINNING w/ DANCING DERYL | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Auto Battler

  1. Toast: im bored; can i DANCE my way to a win

    Me: gimme that goddamn brand or curator, game :^)

  2. But you lose the tournament.. wtf you going to teach me about? To lose brah?
    Just kidding, love ya

  3. Dancing Deryl imo: Is the most fun hero to watch, seeing Streamers make a giant minion is very satisfying.

  4. What're these uploads of all losses and mistakes? Lol, may as well do a compilation of only the good plays from different games

  5. Toast so bad at this game, not surprising he did poorly at the tournament

  6. At 6:00 mins I think the correct play was to buy everything but the replicating menace and sell off both golden cats, the shielded mini-bot and the metaltooth leaper.

    Play Khadgar and the Alleycat in hand for another triple, I'd probably sell both remaining alleycats for a +12/+12 buff on the replicating menace, maybe even one more for +14/+14 would depend on what came out of the triple reward.

    No sleight on Toast I paused the video to think if there was a better play there, in real-time I probably would of roped and not got everything done quick enough.

  7. After three videos of Trump being a third rate dancer with a fourth rate rhythm, I expected this one to be pure suffering. I was wrong, I should have expected I could count on Toast to bring me back hope.

  8. I had a feeling you couldn't tell the shielded was already tripled, it's really hard to see and even harder to remember while trying to process everything else, super unfortunate but also hilarious

  9. Don't feel bad about selling that tabbycat, it wouldn't have tripled because the one you had was already golden

  10. When he says high skill all I can think about is him winning the Toronto tournament because of a random doomsayer off the shredder.

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