The State of Diablo 2 (2019)

In this video I go over the issues that continue to plague Diablo 2 and Battlenet: specifically the bot influence online and the monetary incentive for Blizzard to ban them. Does Blizzard Entertainment make money somehow by player owned bots playing on their servers? I explore how it works and also give some insight into the current state of the game. This was originally written in July but I haven’t had the time to finish it until now. 😉

If you are thinking about getting back into Diablo 2, I would highly recommend the Plugy mod. Plugy keeps D2 the same but adds the BNET features to single player. Infinite/shared stash space, ladder runewords (in Single player), infinite respecs, and the world events. Definitely check it out! And please don’t forget to Subscribe!

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30 thoughts on “The State of Diablo 2 (2019)

  1. If you are thinking about getting back into Diablo 2, I would highly recommend the Plugy mod. Plugy keeps D2 the same but adds the BNET features to single player. Infinite/shared stash space, ladder runewords (in Single player), infinite respecs, and the world events. Definitely check it out! And please don't forget to Subscribe! ~ 😎

  2. I'd start playing again with a ladder reset and a zero bot policy so everyone is at the exact same playing field. Until then I have better things to do, I was 1.08 1.09 OG

  3. I think you’ve missed a huge factor but are well aware of and that’s D2JSP. I admit, I am one of the D2JSP users who would buy your items in-game for cheap and sell it on D2JSP for about 10x the “value.” 70% of the people I’ve done this to, play because they truly love the game or for nostalgia simply because of grouping together and doing trist and tomb runs (the rest is like diablo and Baal runs are ran by bots). They don’t really care, and some of them buy gear from websites, which I’ll explain later.

    One of the buyers on JSP was named Free4Good(banned years from now), every other day at random times, he would buy items at market price to double the price based on the demand within the few minutes (literally everyone like me would stock up and wait for him hence why I would make 10x the “value”) and you wouldn’t see him again until another day. I’ve spoken to people like him — and one of them mentioned that people buy these sets from the D2 item websites, where it includes everything you want on an endgame character. People like Free4Good would fill in that order before someone else does (which is why they’d buy the items for FG (forum gold) for ridiculous amounts)), tell the website admin they have the order ready, trade it to them, and they get a 20% cut of Real money, which would be used to buy FG and so forth.

    This is where botters come in to play. They bot and find all of the average items for the website admins will buy, and Free4Good will fill in the rest of the order, and everyone wins. The botters get banned and have already made an amount well over a CD-key, and keep botting, Free4Good gets his commission, blizzard bans the botters and gets money back from the botters whose buying CD keys again after being banned, and it loops in circles. The crazy part is that when I spoke to Free4Good, he told me that this was his main job.

    Hate me or whatever, just wanted to give you some specific information of the back doors of how D2 was ran 2 years ago when I played, and probably is still ran like this.

  4. I remember long ago when people used to try sell items in the chat, the chat would move quickly and you could just scroll and find the deal you want, then message them. That was fun, now it’s so hard to buy /sell things, without using a website.

  5. I can't play Diablo II. I have a problem I've never had before. "disconnected from server" when I try to connect. I've tried with and without LOD expansion installation using original discs. Patch 1.14d as that still seems to be the latest. I've tried to use the new downloaded installers but I cannot install as the cd keys are invalid and seem to be in a different format

  6. For me online play made this game 10x better. I loved it back in the day, but when they came out with LOD I went online and never looked back. I played this game for like 14 years on and off. I'm going to get a new computer this year and start playing again, but I hope it's still as good..

  7. Diablo 2 & Ragnarok online, two Legendary games with the exact same state.

  8. My dad torrented d2 ever since I played it as a child so lmao I could never play on any servers. But I partied with my dad and my little brother which quickly devolved into using cheats after Andariel and me getting the unique skull two handed maul

  9. I use to play that game all the time. Playing the game getting high end items by chance legitimately is how the game supposed to be played that's how I enjoy the game I've never bought in game items with real money nor make a program to have a bot automatically get items nor hacked the game in general don't know how to. I just play the game

  10. Time to purchase CD key #1,000. That background Diablo music always draws me back to this damn game. Smh.

  11. they didn't have DLC back then… wasn't nothing downloadable about LoD when it came out… had to go to the damn store and by the box labeled EXPANSION SET!

  12. Been using the same keys since 2000. Maybe… don't compromise your account doing stupid stuff 🙂

  13. The first online game I ever played was diablo 🙂
    I spent years on LOD in particular and I still go back to it and I never got bored of my frenzy barb that could clear ubers and run so fast I would get black screen 😂

    Very interesting video buddy and I am also thankful it's still here.
    When they made D3 they should of copy pasted LoD into a new graphic engine and made new content, so the game was fresh but with the ability to make almost any build you could imagine work, unlike D3 where you are forced into only a few build options.

  14. I start play diablo 2. 3 week ago.
    I cant trade with no one, all ask for hr.
    I am happy for bot presence, free exp.
    I say thx for sites who sell enigma at 80 cents.

  15. So, if I understand this… There's a matrix world, ,where computers characters exist in a dark age like world where they fight the devil? And it makes money for NEO or NEO like people? That's amazing and terrifying at the same time.

  16. Eh I bot but I tend to unload high runes and shit like that onto the new players. I know its a dying game but I loved it and I hope that throwing OP gear to some nostalgia hunters might just bring them back for good.. I miss my friends :/

  17. This has been the case for diablo since 1.08. I used to do nothing but PvP in diablo and I would never have gotten the gear required without all the botters modders and dupers. if you want everyone to be legit, well the game would die because no one would have fun and sorceresses would rule PvP again.

  18. Back when I played this game I was a kid and sometimes lobbies would be crazy full of modded characters and all kinds of craziness going on. Sometimes people would give me really nice modded items. I never knew how they got them then my big brother discovered hero editor and we made all kinds of op items and characters. Why don't people just use hero editor? Or have things changed?

  19. Simple: Path of Diablo…. SO much better. No bots, more stash space, self perm your games meaning easy muling, loot filters and much more. I made the change 2 weeks ago and I'm addicted again. It feels like the 2000s again.

  20. Have never played online before but The other day I found my old cd game of Diablo 2 and just started to play again 😀. Will try online game soon when I have learned The controls again 😉

  21. Greatest game of all time hands down. So many childhood memories come with this game, the instrumentals alone make me think of the good days. Wish they could redo it.

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