The Triple Reno Mage | Wild Hearthstone

Here is a quick triple Reno mage with some combo potential. Had to test out The Amazing Reno.

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29 thoughts on “The Triple Reno Mage | Wild Hearthstone

  1. Man I wish the power was 2 or even 1 mana to activate and not a passive, so you could at least pick when to let RNGesus take the wheel.

  2. You haven’t figured out that this game is a total waste of fucking time and is meant nothing more than to be a joke. Anyone who sits and plays this enough to call themselves a pro is a fucking idiot. I didn’t have to play with this card at all to tell you it’s pretty fucking stupid.

  3. Unlocked the new Reno and made my own threeno deck right away. I knew it was gonna suck it just felt so good to have a deck with three Renos in it

  4. Mages are still going to use Amazing Reno in meta decks

    Because mages can't use skill they only can use luck to win

  5. Reno just isn't a competitive card. Competitive requires reliable outcomes and really high odds (in case your deck includes rng) + good math and experience. Reno is just fun, you can use him to troll people who take the game too seriously. I built a deck based on surviving until turn 10 and playing Reno after the opponent has developed a huge board. After that the game is just random fun because you are both at the mercy of your hero power and must act accordingly forgoing your previous strategies.

  6. Funny, Chump played a similar Triple Reno deck and had a 70+% winrate all the way to legends. It pretty consistently out-tempo'd the slow decks and out-valued the fast decks.

  7. you typically don't play 10 mana reno but that's not a reason to not have him in the deck. It's a "get out of jail" card and should only be played as a last resort. I'll run it for sure.

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