The Ultimate Tabbeycat | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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The Perfect Alleycat in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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38 thoughts on “The Ultimate Tabbeycat | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. when you new to wow and you roll an undead, start owning everything in tirisfal glades and then venture into the western plaguelands

  2. I was kinda hoping someone had a full board of divine shield poisonous Murlocks and you still loose with that build lol

  3. i dont understand why cats keep growing on attack and life, after already having gold mamma bear, can someone explain me that?

  4. Interesting idea and excellent execution as always. So little pay off for so much work though. 😁

  5. I have never seen that the cat has this potency.
    98/98 it’s really a fatttttt cat
    I will keep buying cats from now on🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. What's the interaction that cases the 2nd and 3rd tabby's to have higher stats than the first one summoned? You'd think they'd all be the same?

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