The Virgin Khadgar vs the Chad Illidan | Random Mage Deck

Don’t like it Raw?:

Decklists can usually be found in my Discord under «lteddy-hearthstone-decks»

Chibi Artwork done by Hanjosi:


Mon/Tues/Wed at 6pm until roughly 10pm
Thurs at 1pm until roughly 5pm

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13 thoughts on “The Virgin Khadgar vs the Chad Illidan | Random Mage Deck

  1. To be fair, our kids might end up being like trump so id take a gun over a kid every day of the week.

  2. So if Illadin came out exactly a month and a half ago, at the time Eddy recorded this, the guy he's against had to win a MINIMUM of 22 games A DAY.
    God damn.
    I'm not sure if I should be sad or amazed at the dedication.

  3. ill agree, things need to change… but not how they are changing.not by just giving them what they want with no resistanance, because then they ask for more and expect no resistance.
    And I would take a gun over a kid, due to how spoiled kids are now days complaining if they dont get what they want.

  4. If i could make a request if this is seen.
    Can we keep politics out of the videos?
    I want everyone to be free to talk and express their opinions but i am not watching a video to hear about how bad the USA is for having guns.
    I want to enjoy the videos and hear about the funny stuff that happens in the streams seeing as i do not get to watch them.
    I am not wanting to watch a video to hear about how guns are bad and other politic bull crap.
    Just a request nothing more.

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