THE WILD META AGGRO SHIFT | Tempo Storm Hearthstone [Ashes of Outland]

Despite Blizzards attempts at nerfs, the meta remains to favor combo-based decks, such as Quest Mage. As such, aggressive decks have risen in popularity in order to target these decks! Join us as we take a look at the aggressive meta shift!

Script: Keithnumbers |

Voiceover: Britt «sea_loma» |

Video Editor: OneJob |

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26 thoughts on “THE WILD META AGGRO SHIFT | Tempo Storm Hearthstone [Ashes of Outland]

  1. Today I reached Legend for the first time ever and it was with Pirate Warrior! So I can verify you are right! Agro is on the rise!

  2. Y'know I am glad to hear news that the meta might be changing soon BUT I still want that quest mage nerf just to be sure 😉

  3. the meta has been just polarized in a rock paper scizor state, its as bad as it was without the nerfs, which says a lot about balance

  4. Yesterday i took Reno Priest deck in order to farm gold and got from rank 2 to legend rank without a problem, i didn't even want to be in the legend. Reno Priest is Apex Predator in this meta and anyone who say otherwise is just fooling themselve. Sure Quest Mage can nuke the hell out of Priest, however basically all other matchups for Quest Mage are nightmare, so Quest Mage is in check. The biggest advantage of Reno Priest is his strong adaptability, you can adapt to any deck type and still keep main combo that consists of 3 cards (Dk, Raza and Spawn of Shadows) + fodder cards.

  5. Blizz may have nerfed quest mage against aggro (leading to a further increase in aggro) but its unfortunate that they didn't address it essentially locking out slower, more interesting and varied decks.

    Also, can Blizz stop printing cards that stop people playing the game. (mana burn and mage secrets) it's more fun and interactive playing around cards than just stopping your opponent from being able to play the game.

  6. Demon hunter is on top…. what a suprise. I didnt see that coming. I mean. His card are so bad. They are not overstats card with incredible ability for a relatively cheap price. Its not like he have aoe and life gain card to add to ez berserk style of play. I mean hunter is way faster and can heal, draw too. I mean there is no armor card…. just like hunter, so demon hunter is balanced! Why is he on top already? Oh yeah because he is broken as hell amd probably got released without any real testing thanks to covid. I say thanks to covid because if he got all the test then got the ok…. well someone need to be fired then.

  7. I've been loving the current heavy aggro meta as an og Reno Mage and Reno Lock player who still only plays them haha.
    Just put a copy of skulking heist in each for jade druid and I'm off to the races haha

  8. I think don't like playing aggro decks, the only think you have to do is SMOrc, I prefer playing control decks and meme decks but unfortunately the aggro rise makes everything harder.

  9. Just went 28-9 to legend with cubelock, it’s actually pretty good against all aggro and outvalues most of the control decks, the only bad match ups are raza priest and og Reno mage( and it’s pretty good against quest mage too )

  10. Just a side note for demon hunter. It's popular because it requires the fewest card sets to play, it's cheap, and it's the only class new players have to play both standard or wild…the deck lists are nice but let's be real….

  11. Nobody getting secret mage some love yet it is probably one of the most consistently powerful decks in wild. Managed to get to legend in just 3 days with it.

  12. im so sad since they nerfed darkest hour to the ground it is always a fun deck to me =(

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