The Worst Card from every Expansion

Today we take a look at the worst card in every expansion and adventure. Some picks might be straight forward and obvious, others might surprise you. Sounds like the introduction on a Buzzfeed article LUL

I also copy pasted this description from yesterdays video :p




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47 thoughts on “The Worst Card from every Expansion

  1. I play anomalus sometimes in Reno mage and he is not disappointing, very underrated card. Slow yes, but it's very disruptive when it's on the board, and can heal to full life with frostlich Jaina. Cards like this get better over time. Think about bolster. Probably the worst card ever created when it came out, but slowly became relevant over time with more synergy and more taunts with relevant effects (stonehill, zilliax etc), to the point where it's a legit strong card now.

    Also if I remember well summoning stone was played a little bit in a couple of metagames.

  2. Summoning Stone definitely isn't the worst card in LoE IMO. Sure, it's a meme, but Cursed Blade is just so much worse, both as a card and as a meme. Especially back in the day when Fiery War Axe was only 2 mana, Cursed Blade was really bad. Now Fiery War Axe costs 3, and Cursed Blade is still really bad. Win rates with Cursed Blade are literally you win when you do not play Cursed Blade. Worst card.

  3. controversial opinion but Gurubashi Offering can actually be really good. if you play it on turn 1 and you’re going first, it’s a free 8 armor, which is really good for classes like Warrior who excel with armor gain

  4. I mean, Chromatic Egg is way too slow for an egg deck, but you just said it was bad because it was an egg. But eggs are good, because they’re eggs. The problem with it is that it’s five mana, not that it’s an egg, imo. Also, Desert Obelisk over Mummy.

  5. The noggenfogger combo is a big that they will never fix. Noggenfogger isn’t supposed to allow targets that aren’t legal. So if you have a spell that says friendly minion and only have one you can test and it won’t target enemies. The weapon effectively says it heroes aren’t valid targets but the coding is done without him in mind.

  6. I think call pet is actually worse than Hemet, specifically because it's poorly designed. For you too get full benefit of it you need to play two of them and beasts, but that doesn't work obviously, and not only that, sometimes you just draw the other call pet, thus negating it's perceived benefit. I'd literally rather have a Hemet

  7. New players will not understand what Immune is, and since Blur is a basic card, it would be more fitting to use “can’t take damage” instead of Immune in order to make new players understand the card.

  8. All reality tho for gadgetzan, Tanaris Hogchopper. 4/4 charge if your opponent's hand is empty for 4. Pretty much a 4 Mana 4/4 and cry because no one top decks if they can help it

  9. "You know who else never got a single date? Erhk, look at him!"

    I am trying to but I don't see any male Etherals named Erhk here, there is the Grand Lackey Erhk though, and I am certain SHE is getting all sorta of action though :V

  10. They said in an interview they worded Blur that way because of flavor. Demon hunters are not tanky or absorb everything like "immune" would imply, but they are rather mobile and dodge or evade attacks.

  11. I think changing the battlecry of E.M.P Operative to "Silence and Destroy a Mech" makes more sense, since some Mech that summon those little bots are magnetized in the illustration, and ain't EMP stands for ElectroMagnetic Pulse?
    Is this buff makes any sense?

  12. Blackhand was in mostly each control deck back in Blackrock time.
    The fact that current cards are much stronger than it, doen't mean the card sucks — it meats, that current card are overpowered, compared to old HS times.

  13. I played Blubber Baron and Anomalus a lot when I started out. I wish I didn't need to disenchant them for better cards. But as a free to play player that wants to get to legend someday, I have to disenchant a good bit of my incomplete collection to get good epics and legendaries.

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