There Is JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD!!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1577

There Is JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD!!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1577

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ES_Blood From A Stone (Instrumental Version) — Martin Carlberg
ES_Jump Around — Johnny Berglund
ES_Borderline — Henrik Andersson
ES_Out of Gas — Mac Taboel
ES_Down Tiddlywink Road — Harper Rey
Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin (Full Audio)

00:00 — Intro
00:30 — Moments
10:17 — Outro

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25 thoughts on “There Is JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD!!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1577

  1. You voice pitch in some episodes sounds a bit more concerned or worried about something, idk I might be over reacting to things!

  2. Eudora should definitely be nerfed and it will probably just make you dig 5 times, but I think it should be "1 mana: Dig. On your 5th, 10th, and 13th digs get a random golden minion." so it will still allow for 3 digs per game

  3. Can you make the outrobot lady say "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard"? Asking for a friend…

  4. i really like the priest-warlock combination. it just feels satisfying to me as a warlock player

  5. I dont know if it's just me but hunter and demon hunter cards just feel right. Might just be the names though

  6. I'm pretty excited for Krastinov because him with a Gorehowl is just really insane

  7. 3:18 I can't be the only one that's disappointed here … he could have won by Conjurer's Calling the horseman instead of his 10/10 Pheonix!

  8. I really like Priest and Warlock so any of the Priestlock cards I am really looking forward to them

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