THEY ALWAYS CONCEDE! I'm Starting To Get The Feeling People Don't Like Playing Versus This Deck...

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Deckcode: Highlander Mage — AAECAf0EHk2KAckDqwTFBMsE7QSKB40In5sDoJsDip4DoaEDwqED/KMDi6QDkqQD8qUDhKcD+qwD7K8D8K8DkbEDhLYDjLYD4bYDw7gDjbsD3L4D3sQDAAA=

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I’m Starting To Get The Feeling People Don’t Like Playing VS. This Deck…


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21 thoughts on “THEY ALWAYS CONCEDE! I'm Starting To Get The Feeling People Don't Like Playing Versus This Deck…

  1. How to win as Mage: play 10 mana spell and wish for winning the game

  2. 2:49 this HAS got to be a misplay. Why not use JUST Nova and doom Sayer? Instead you used one frost AND Zeph doom Sayer???? Am I missing something or am I just retarded?

    Edit: rogue only had 3 cards in hand AND used a sealed fate already. Odds he can clear are EXTREMELY low

  3. I love how he is explaining that the druid wants to Ysera, or go wide at 13:10, while if the druid had double roar and any of his 2 type of 2 damage spell or 2 swipes, he was dead. Sounds unrealistic, maybe, exactly how i lose 3 /4 times in my last 4 games vs druid and we are speaking about pretty much the same legend level.

  4. Yeah, this sure is a cringy deck to play against. But a lot of fun playing. Even more fun watching Thijs owning with it!

  5. Thijs I just wanted to say that I GREATLY appreciate you walking the audience through your plays. It’s super helpful to hear your thought process and how you work through situations, thank you!

  6. Whoever said that it's a "lecture" is an idiot. I love that it's an educational stream. It's the only reason I watch Thijs. Unlike other streamers, he actually tells you exactly what's going on in his mind, while playing. He'll tell you his thoughts and the reason for any particular play.

    Much love from India, Thijs. Keep up the amazing work!

  7. Wonder why people dont like to play against mage? Freezing all game, zephrys, puzzle box and the prime to win games without even know how, dragoncaster pulling out spells that cost 8 or 10 in the same turn that you play the card and the amazing Reno to clean everything and play spells out of nowhere. Such a fun and balanced deck, the proof that Hearthstone is a great game and not a lot of players are quitting the game to play other games. Just playing battlegrounds now, don’t care about a game that you need to have more luck than skill

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