They Are Mal'Ganis And THEY ARE A TURTLE!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1535

They Are Mal’Ganis And THEY ARE A TURTLE!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1535

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ES_Stolen & Concealed — T. Morri
ES_Boogying With Bae — Glove Box
ES_Before I Do, I Don’t — Glove Box
ES_Back to Happytown — Golden Age Radio
Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin (Full Audio)

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38 thoughts on “They Are Mal'Ganis And THEY ARE A TURTLE!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1535

  1. I’d probably make dragon queen alexstraza a pirate, cause she ALWAYS STEALS MY WINS whenever the opponent plays her

  2. I would change Millhouse into a demon so I could sacrifice him for healing because let’s be honest….

  3. Seeing Day9 talk about summoning “a larger and larger man” is a real throwback. Can’t say I’m disappointed he streams MTG Arena though.

  4. For gamebreaking, you want stonetusk boar to be… Let's say a mech. In wild, that's a whole level beyond of OP magnetizations for paladin, considering you've got both handbuff, and ways of making mechs cheaper.

  5. I think lorewalker cho should be a pirate. He already steals your's and your opponent's cards

  6. 1. I’d turn Reno into a dragon, 2. Give Tinyfin All, and 3. Give Mr. Paggle, Mr. Manastorm and Mr. Cho Chad.

  7. Given today's video, I say we make Malganis a beast! Then he really can be "A TURTLE!!!!!!"

  8. 9:45 Day 9! I miss this guy from when I still played Starcraft. Dude could drop some knowledge bombs, and I always love a good bomb.

  9. Comment Question of the Day for Uncle Hearthstone:

    What Hearthstone Expansion based on an actual World of Warcraft expansion would you like to see, and what would the mechanic from it be?

    For me, it'd be Legion and it'd be called "Fel Corruption" or just "Corrupted" and based off menace from MTG

  10. Man.. that Day9 clip brings back good memories. Saw his tirade live, and it was a golden legendary moment.

  11. II would make Dragoncaster a dragon. For Yoggs sake, it has “dragon” in the name!

  12. They should remove macaw's beast tag in battle ground. It's really insane with wolfs and Baron.

  13. I would change…
    All No Type Minions to Dragon Types. Or any Types at all since I run that 5 Mana 3/3 Superb Value!

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