THEY NERFED MECHS?? Well… Not Quite - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Are Mechs weak now that Junkbot has been nerfed to a Tavern tier 5 in the Battlegrounds?
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36 thoughts on “THEY NERFED MECHS?? Well… Not Quite — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Why is Cobalt still a 3* card? that thing can be absolutely broken (Currently feeling really salty about losing to players with them in 4 consecutive rounds when they kept getting lucky attack orders… then watching mine get repeatedly sniped off the second I try a mech build).

    When something can swing early, mid and late game matchups that much it really needs to be a tier higher to avoid skewing things, especially against the likes of Murlocs who just don't deal well with Divine shield full stop.

  2. Every time kripp says “sniper” it throws me. I forget he’s talking about the card. I’m like “how the hell doesn sniping help in this mode”

  3. Why does he only have 2 heroes to select from in the beginning? I thought this might be a high-rank mechanic, but everyone in the comments is busting his balls about smurfing with mechs.

  4. They should add Face Collector as a hero, when you pick him you get a random removed hero.

  5. whats about your stats? 5 times first place and 10 times win (place 4 and better) 5500 points. The counter was reset?

  6. Junkbot isn't even the problem to me, it's Cobalt Guardian. That card is too much.

  7. I think MECHS is still the most consistent. Less reliance on rolling core minion.

  8. Oh god he didnt say he would see us tomorrow. KRIPP ARE YOU OKAY? DRINK SOME OJ IF YOURE OKAY.

    …phew okay hes fine guys.

  9. monkaHmm Kripp Smurfing on another new account I see. casual hitting a new player for 21 points of damage. GG 🙂

  10. There's like three different builds with mechs they nerfed 1 of them. My double 30/12 guardians and my amalgam with poison/tuant/divine shield/deathrattle summon 27 1/1 tokens really really really dosent care

  11. I just wanna put it out there. Ive played WOW (5years) diablo 1-3 HL 1-2, currently on EVE. Heartstone BG is beyond addictive. Main game is a esport thing. but i gotta tell ya. Replay value of HSB is off the charts. I think Blizzard have a dilemma..

  12. IMO, the real issue was Cobalt Guardian, not really junkbot. It's got such high variance and can win you matches you definitely should have lost.

  13. Kripp gets Battlecry Minions while having Crowd Favorites on the board, what sorcery is this?

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