They SECRETLY Nerfed Warlock GALAKROND?? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1470

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22 thoughts on “They SECRETLY Nerfed Warlock GALAKROND?? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1470

  1. I enjoy the new thing called “Outcast”, I just really wish they made more of them for other classes than Demon hunter. But maybe outcast is like overload for Shaman, Combo for Rogue and Choose one for Druid 🙂

  2. PT-BR despontar dos dragões foi a melhor expansão do ano de 2019 pois todas as classes tinham decks tier 1.

  3. This game become so much pay to win. Anyone says that they can get the cards they need to build a deck is lieing. And even if you could your only playing one deck? GTFOH. You got all these classes and cards but only 1/4 of them are worth anything. You be lucky to play vs certain classes cause they are pointless. I cant remember last time i played a Pally its been years! PAY TO WIN!

  4. I'm actually very excited for this expansion, as there are many new concepts and ideas that could bloom from this, and a new hero as well to get new combos with a new hero power. Imagine this, Inspire Demon Hunter!

  5. sincerely consider it the worst so far. And thats a lot, since i've been playing back in the day the ice yeti was "op". wish demonhunter didn't exist. literally disenchant every single card iget from that class

  6. Ashes is great, love all the new primes, dormants and demon hunter of course, if only they hadn't made battlegrounds perks cost 2500 or I might be able to afford some of those cards

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