Thief: Deadly Shadows gameplay 12

Thief: Deadly Shadows gameplay with stupid commentary! I love this game, I love stealth games in general, but this one is amazing. The game was released in 2004 and received very high ratings. Follow along as I rip people off and swipe their stuff!


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8 thoughts on “Thief: Deadly Shadows gameplay 12

  1. I have alot of your vids to catch up on also, "whilst" I am sick at home.  Life does happen, but you always do good vids.

  2. I found your channel about a few days ago. I've been watching your videos ever since. Thanks for uploading.

  3. Dude I found your channel about a week ago and I have been watching your Thief 3 game play ever since! 🙂 I'm loving your commentary.

    I hope you don't bail on this series like 90% of the other people who play through it because your videos are by far the most high quality and most watchable.

    All the best 🙂

    (I've subbed)

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