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Turns out 1 HP does matter. There is definitely a better class and a better build for this than what I went for but I will not craft 10 other golden legendaries just for this :p The deck itself is half horrible and really expensive so go ahead and craft it. Most of the legendaries are good on their own but in a deck without spells its really not good. Tomorrow we will actually finish the series of this deck style meaning that besides todays all golden legendary deck we will also play an all golden epic, rare, common & basic deck. The basic deck is better than this btw


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38 thoughts on “This Deck is a Treasure | All Golden Legendary Deck | Wild Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum

  1. I don’t know if you read these Solem, but I have a strange request. If you can make a deck that can overkill yourself to the max. How much can you overkill yourself? I thought this when I saw Brann and Reno, but with the healing cards now deal damage you could deal 60 dmg to yourself, but with quest you could potentially do 80, right? Can you think of a way to deal even more?

  2. Why not Brann and Zola the Zephrys? Seems better than Godfrey.

  3. It's a shame that you don't have a Golden Prince Malchezaar for 35 legendaries.

    4:57 You should Hunter x Hunter (2011) is an incredible anime.

    Damn that was a tight game it's a shame you lost.

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