This Deck is INSPIRING | Even Inspire Priest | Descent of Dragons | Wild Hearthstone

This Deck is INSPIRING | Even Inspire Priest | Descent of Dragons | Wild Hearthstone

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### E V E N
# Class: Priest
# Format: Wild
# 2x (0) Circle of Healing
# 2x (0) Regenerate
# 2x (2) Auchenai Phantasm
# 2x (2) Boneguard Lieutenant
# 2x (2) Garrison Commander
# 2x (2) Seance
# 2x (2) Shadow Visions
# 2x (4) Auchenai Soulpriest
# 2x (4) Frenzied Felwing
# 2x (4) Psychopomp
# 2x (4) Refreshment Vendor
# 2x (4) Spawn of Shadows
# 1x (6) Genn Greymane
# 2x (6) Kodorider
# 1x (8) Ragnaros the Firelord
# 2x (10) Frost Giant
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Enjoy the gameplay!

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30 thoughts on “This Deck is INSPIRING | Even Inspire Priest | Descent of Dragons | Wild Hearthstone

  1. Since a lot of people are asking, unnerfed Yogg and Raza Priest are coming soon! Videos take time to create and even if I had the footage edited I couldn't post it because of the 24-hour exclusivity clause with Twitch content.

  2. I find it harder and harder to watch your content. The overly sarcastic persona comes across as very unpleasant at times.

  3. STOMP THAT TROLL. Like, can you at least make me laugh if you're going to troll?

  4. I can only imagine how bad this deck was if you had to post a game where a priest didn't play anything for 6 turns

  5. Raza has been unnerfed
    I suggest you try piu piu priest again. With some good inspire minions like mukla or Paletress. Its a lot of fun

  6. Im proud to say Ive gotten a good couple chuckles out of you for my stupid jokes over the past months

  7. Honestly, I liked this video because it showcased a loss as well. Granted the loss was entertaining, but for some reason it always bugs me when people only show off the deck high rolling and winning, I like seeing decks function in a "natural environment" so to speak.

  8. Wow Chad sure bullies Twitch Roffle a lot. Maybe we should get Youtube Roffle to do something about that.

  9. Nicely deck, but now we can use Rasa and hero power become cost 0 mana and we can make this combo with Frozen king Anduin + spawn of shadow… New minigun priest btw.

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