This Deck Is So FUN!! Libram Paladin With Replicat-o-tron -  Ashes Of Outland Hearthstone

Today I have made a Libram Paladin deck which makes good use of Replicat-o-tron and Lady Liadrin to make giant buffed minions!

Libram Paladin Deck Code:

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Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


Artist: http://incompetech.


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11 thoughts on “This Deck Is So FUN!! Libram Paladin With Replicat-o-tron — Ashes Of Outland Hearthstone

  1. Apparently Aero your soul will suffer. Yea. Fighting a toxic spamming warlock who got his ass kicked will make anyone's souls suffer xD

  2. What if you added that 7 mana card that brings back the mechs that died this game? Kangor’s something

  3. Having fun this expansion so far? Nice to see you play this deck, are you thinking of playing secret rogue at all?

  4. So gonna try this deck, the new exp is probably one of my least favorite so far,
    But maybe having lost some great cards to wild might be the actual reason,
    Hope you re well and healthy, thanks for uploading content, your videos always help me getting a good mood 🙂

  5. Careful aero, this deck might make your soul suffer, I heard it from someone on the internet so it must be true!

    This looks really fun. I've only played a little, but paladin is really fun so far.
    Their new cards, especially all the books, is such a cool idea

  6. That game against the Priest was intense and easily the best Soul Mirror I've seen so far. His Skeletal Dragon was so good, you were waiting for Libram of Justice meanwhile it randomly generated him one in the form of Veranus 😛

    Some excellent games! It nice to see Librams be used in something other than Pure Pali.

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