THIS DECK IS SO INSANELY FUN!! (And It Is Untouched By The New Patch)

Thijs Ashes of Outland Decklists:
Deckcode: Combo Questlock — AAECAf0GCrQDxQTbBooHzgfrowP8owOIsAORsQO9vgMK3AbECNqWA9qbA7ulA+WsA+usA+ysA+2sA+m+AwA=

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20 thoughts on “THIS DECK IS SO INSANELY FUN!! (And It Is Untouched By The New Patch)

  1. i still watch Hearthstone videos from like 3 people even though i stopped playing 4 years ago — I’ve never once been tempted to redownload, just constantly reminded why I quit

  2. Hearthstone sometimes is like punishing when you read your opponent play perfectly, he got the skull and all the cards for a win. Also posting about such defeat teaches us what can happen with the decks. Thank you for sharing your content with the world. Keep the positive attitude.

  3. 7:15 thijs def missed easy lethal but it was reliant on soul fire miss. Zeph can’t see any burst in your hand so you have to play it first same happens w mage and fire balls and stuff

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