This Deck is the Best Deck | Firebat Hearthstone

Went like 18-2 or something with it.
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Outro Song: Biggie by Albis


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39 thoughts on “This Deck is the Best Deck | Firebat Hearthstone

  1. I'm kinda glad that I stopped playing Hearthstone for a bit. Arena sucks, and Standard is either insane highroll aggro decks, combo decks, or miserably slow control decks that never win. They're really going to have to impress me with the third expansion this year if I'm ever gonna play again.

  2. I can't enjoy Hearthstone anymore and that makes me sad. I miss watching Firebat.

  3. Yeap. I got my shaman to 1k wins with similar deck, started playing Pala and understood: it's just stupid not to play this right now. People gonna highroll the hell out of you.

  4. It's almost like bringing a bunch of old cards back on a whim, that you didn't balance the new cards around, was a bad idea! Who knew? I'm constantly amazed at the terrible decisions of the hearthstone team

  5. I was really disappointed when I saw evolve was what they were bringing back for shaman. All it's ever really facilitated are decks that play something that copies itself plus an evolve for a highroll tempo swing. Unstable evolution is honestly the only evolve thing I've ever liked.

  6. ### Evolve Shaman

    # Class: Shaman

    # Format: Standard

    # Year of the Dragon


    # 2x (0) Zap!

    # 2x (0) Mutate

    # 2x (1) Voltaic Burst

    # 2x (1) Sludge Slurper

    # 1x (1) Lightning Bolt

    # 2x (1) Evolve

    # 2x (2) Underbelly Angler

    # 2x (2) Soul of the Murloc

    # 2x (2) Likkim

    # 2x (3) Spirit of the Frog

    # 2x (3) Desert Hare

    # 1x (4) Vessina

    # 2x (4) Thunderhead

    # 2x (5) Bloodlust

    # 2x (7) Mogu Fleshshaper

    # 2x (10) Sea Giant



    # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

    # Find this deck on

  7. Weird, just lost 5 times in a row at rank 12 to 13 with the exact same deck. Not working as intended.

  8. The editing on the "wow" and the other infamous "wow" really hit the giggle spot

  9. This deck is so fuckin broken…

    proceeds to boot up Hearthstone to try it out, remembers he ragequit when the event began after losing to Evolve Shaman on day one

  10. Could you please share the deck code when you upload such a teasing content

  11. Because of this deck, you see many more shitty players at rank 5+. People who have no business being above rank 15, but just got an easy highroll deck to play. Can't wait for evolve to disappear. What the fuck were Blizzard even thinking? 💩💩💩

  12. nope it's not. You just got lucky in a few openings, that's all. This deck gets destroyed by over half the meta decks with ease. You either get god hand at start or you can concede since turn1.

  13. Wait, he slaughtered four opponents in this video? Mr. Editor were those games consecutive?

    Also, Frosted Flakes are freaking delicious.

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