This Game is STUPID - Raging at Heartstone

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Today’s Outro Song ► Abstract — Neverland (ft. Ruth B)

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46 thoughts on “This Game is STUPID — Raging at Heartstone

  1. Hearthstone is the most rng based on fuck streamers in front of all his stream, probably if u where playing alone u'll win every game Lol FeelBadMan with a soulfire. @Cdew

  2. I literally exploded laughing at your reaction after soulfire fucked you. seriously funny video

  3. Hey Cdew, in your description you have the out-tro song as Abstract- Neverland. But the outro you used for the video is Three 6 forever — by Oliver Francis. Just letting you know because i am a huge Oliver Francis fan

  4. the game is more about having a stacked deck vs. rng, tbh… but yes. i thoroughly hate the game as well.

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