This got to Rank #1 Legend on Asia.. | Wild Hearthstone

Combo Priest in its new iteration is apparently a Rank 1 legend deck. Instead of dropping a deathlord and making him a 32/32 you have gilblin stalker and apotheosis to win vs. aggro as well as Sethekk Veilweaver as a mini Lyra. No Radiants, just pure random

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29 thoughts on “This got to Rank #1 Legend on Asia.. | Wild Hearthstone

  1. Oh, talking about jokes? I just heard this long joke about Fibonacci. The problem is that it was just the previous two Fibonacci jokes I had heard combined.

  2. Not to be a dick but
    This is like a reverse Solem deck
    To much thinking required
    You have to use the turn timer bro

  3. damn. It might be fun for some first couple of times you play it, but beware! it is VERY unfun to play against and kinda one-sided deck (tho Sethekk or whataver it is, that 2/3 epic, makes it a bit more interesting to play). So do not be succumbed by it's fresh-ity in wild, in standard we had meta of combo priest and boooy it was terrifying.

  4. I think the reason the guitar and dance pad stream didn't do well was because the end result of setting it up was "hearthstone but slower". May be worth revisiting the idea if you play a game that requires timing and precision, not any turn-based strategy games basically.

  5. "Omg! This card good in standard is actually good? As a standard hater I'm baffled by this woooow"

  6. Two of my favourite funny womans are 39daph and Caroline Konstnar (although shes still not an adult yet but shes still funny af). I can't think of any others really, especially not in mainstream media.

  7. This is dope. Love seeing new priest decks, since its all I play. Thanks for the vids mate! Really great content

  8. Solem " 55% of you arnt even subscribed"

    Me: Looks at my subscriptions " Well ill be damned " clicks on the subscribe button.

  9. I just learned that libram otk paladin can become mill paladin if the enemy plays lore walker (F in the chat for that poor demon hunter), and now I need to see a deck actually built around it

  10. That dude got his math wrong about Yogg… 691/30 isn't how you set that up.
    Realize the logical assumption of that is that a 691 spell yogg would be 100% guaranteed to cataclysm, which is false.
    Unlikely it wouldn't, but not impossible.

    Correct math for a 30 spell Yogg is (690/691)^30, or

    ~~4.252 % chance to cataclysm on a 30 spell yogg.

    His method results in


    Which is CLEARLY wrong, obviously!
    //yes this is being facetious for comedic effect//

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