This Interaction SURPRISED Everyone | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1512

This Interaction SURPRISED Everyone | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1512

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ES_Don’t Feel Right — Eric Williams
ES_Stepping on the Cracks — Carlton Lees
ES_Move Wrecker — Christian Andersen
ES_I Wanted You to Know — Harper Rey
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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39 thoughts on “This Interaction SURPRISED Everyone | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1512

  1. My favorite interaction is definitely when a priest copies "shut up, priest" from the lich king and casts it on him, making both of them just muffled grunts for the whole game

  2. My favourite interaction is when lady liadrin is played when the hero skin is also liadrin. She says 'ah. Lady liad-twin'

  3. When you play Lady liadrin (the card) vs lady liadrin (the paladin hero)
    (she says "ah lady Liadtwin)

  4. Favorite interaction… Simple.. Garroooooosh ! You are not fit to rule the horde !

  5. "Well, hello there handsome" "I do look good" Lich king Vs Lich king, also the classic "Magma rager?! Why did you put this into your deck?" Magma rager Vs Rafaam

  6. 4:12 didn't he could have attacked with the totem then earthquake and go face and use portal or am I just dumb or just hex and portal on the frog

  7. Khadgar(Minion): "I defeated you before, master. I can do it again!"

    causes a chill when it passes: D

  8. Favorite interaction ? hmm…
    (Fandral with Tyrande if you didnt know)

  9. I knew that interaction from watching daily hearthstone funny moments. Last time it with a russian guy

  10. my favorite interaction is the one that happens when you play dr boom against dr boom and he goes like "what? you are me now?"

    in case if you don't know, it is in the decent of dragons solo adventures

  11. comment question : what other games you want to see in Hearthstone cards pool, and what are those cards ?

  12. As a horde afficionado, my favourite interactions are between Cairne and Garrosh and between Vol'jin and Garrosh

  13. that last clip. thats the most wholesome thing I think Ive ever seen from a hearthstone streamer. adorable

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